Nerd News: Zavvi Exclusive Hasbro, Haslab, Star Wars The Vintage Collection, The Mandalorian Limited Edition Vehicle – Pre Order NOW!

If you want to get hold of this model, and we’ll dive in to the details in a minute… Trust me, you’re going to want to jump right in after those details and back this crowd funded project, because it is absolutely stunning – I mean, drop dead gorgeous! I am absolutely in love with this, but be warned it’s for serious collectors only and at £349.99 it is sadly out of my price range… Let’s have a look at why it absolutely is worth that chunk of cash though!

Oh, but before we do please note that you’re running out of time… This is a crowd funding project which went up for sign up just 4 days ago and runs out on November 9th 2020 at 11:59 PM EST! Click on the Zavvi link below and find this beauty on the front page!

So, how is this crowd funding project working?

They needed a minimum of 6,000 backers world wide to greenlight this project. That number has officially been reached and when I was writing this the total was up to 8,085 people. This means that they have also been able to green light tier 1 which is the removable addition of an escape pod at the back of the vehicle. There will also be another tier which they will reveal if they hit 10,000 backers… I’ll try to keep you posted about this!

When will this Star Wars model be shipped?

They’re crowd funding it now, and they’ll be doing so until 9th November 2020, however because the number of backers will dictate how the model will actually be finished it won’t go in to production until this has been completed. That does mean that they’re only looking to start shipping these in Autumn of 2021!

What will backers be receiving?

The main thing which you will get is the focus of this project which is the Vintage Collection Razor Crest vehicle, but it will also be accompanied by a 3.75 inch Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Mandalorian figure in Beskar armor complete with a one of a kind soft good cape.

What are the Features of the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest?

Lets get to the bit you really want to know about… And this thing really is absolutely incredible, just look at the huge image library which is from the Zavvi website to see the incredible level of detail in this model, and that detail isn’t too hard to fit in for a model which is an incredible 30 inches long (from the back to the tips of the cannons), 20 inches wide (from wing tip to wing tip) and 10.5 inches tall… This is a big momma of a model!

However besides the sheer size of this thing it will also feature:

  • An opening cockpit featuring 3 seats which actually fit the vintage collection figures.
  • The ability to recreate the scene from season 1 where the Jawas dismantle this vehicle by allowing you to remove the engines and hull panels.
  • A weapons locker filled with show inspired weapons accessories for your figures.
  • A cargo hold with netting, complete with a carbon freezing chamber.
  • Opening rear and side doors and lowering ramps.
  • Removable landing gear.
  • Bunk area which can fit a vintage collection figure.
  • Fully sculpted interior and exterior details.

This is going to be limited to 5 pieces per customer and of course the edition run is just as big as how ever many people back this gorgeous project, so there are going to be at least 8,085 of these but I’m hoping there will be as many as 10,000 so that we can see what the next feature in tier 2 is going to be.

Now get ready for some absolute eye candy and go look for your credit card!

And remember this beauty is available only from Zavvi!

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