Nerd News: The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Reaction

I’ll be completely honest here and say that I don’t have Disney+… I know right! So I haven’t seen the first season of the Mandalorian so am not necessarily completely up to speed on the lore of the series, but I’ve got a pretty good understanding of what it’s about. From the looks of this trailer, as long as you have an understanding of why there’s a tiny Yoda looking guy in this series, the rest can be relatively easily dipped in and out of.

I do feel with the Mandalorian that it looks incredible and is an absolute star attraction for Disney+… It doesn’t look quite as clean and impressive as the Star Wars films of today, and why would they? This is after all a smaller production, but it’s incredibly impressive never the less. But at the same time it’s still undoubtedly Star Wars!

We see lots of familiar looking characters such as the Mandalorians, the little yoda thing, the storm troopers and many of the animals look like Star Wars creatures… as do the locations. The thing I love the most about this trailer is one of those locations which he starts to walk towards at 24 seconds… It’s a city and it is grimy and gritty as hell! In so many sci-fi shows or films the future is made to look so clean and shiny… let’s be real, if we go by our world as it stands today (and I’m not saying that other alien races would be like us), the future is going to be an absolute dump… That city looks like what the future looks like in my imagination!

In this upcoming season for October 2020 we join the Mandalorian in all manner of amazing locations, sailing the seas, flying through space as well as the skies above which ever planets he’s hopping between, walking through canyons, cities and ice caverns… They really do cover a lot of ground in this show!

They don’t give away too much of the plot and I like that they just show very limited little snippets of footage and when they do it’s rarely anything of major importance or showing an amazing scene we need to see… In fact at the end there where they fade to black and you can hear the fighting noises (just after the child presses his little emergency button which I think is awesome) and then when we’re back there are characters all over the floor… That’s how you do a trailer!

I’m expecting this to be full of action and to be something which a casual Star Wars fan can dip in and out of or which a big fan of the franchise who just hasn’t been able to get in to the show can get really excited about. For example I love what they’ve done with the storm troopers on the speeders, they ride those things like they’ve got a bit of attitude… Like a biker would rather than a soldier in formation.

This trailer is good enough to make me think that it’s about time for me to get Disney+

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