Nerd News: Playmobil Release Back to the Future Advent Calendar

Available now from the official website (below) is a very cool advent calendar, which surley is one to look out for this year to rival the Funko and Lego ones we are all accustomed to? Playmobil do a huge range of calendars ranging from a nativity scene or farm through to a stunt show or contruction site fire rescue! Very christmasy!

But one which will be closer to many of our hearts and I’d dare say not just aimed at actual kids, but also the kids in us, is this awesome Back to the Future one… And compared to the insane costs of the Funko ones, this one is only £26.99!

The level of detail and variety in this pack is absolutely amazing! There look to be 7 figures both from 1955 and 1985 and they are joined by all manner of accessories including a park bench, power line and Twin pines Mall sign. All of these of course also come with that amazing clock tower diorama!

I seriously can’t get over how amazing this is for £26.99 and will be ordering mine later today!

Before this years London Toy Fair, which I sadly missed as my son was very unwell, I did get a chance to speak to a representative of Playmobil who mentioned that they are managing to bring us a couple more pop culture franchises and alongside Back to the Future they do also have ranges for Ghost Busters, How to Train Your Dragon and Scooby Doo, so maybe we’ll be even more spolit for choice with calendars next year… We can but hope!

Also check out the sweet stop motion movie goodness you can make with Playmobil figures!

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