Funko Pops I’d Like to See Vol. 2

One of the very first posts I did on this site around a year ago now.. Can you believe that this page has been going that long now! I want to thank you all for taking the time to spend a few minutes here and there with me – I try and have fresh content, even if it’s just Nerd News every day, so make sure you follow me here or on twitter to see every post that comes out – I’ve published almost 560 of the things!

As it has been so long I thought I’d update which pops I’d like to see Funko make and I’ll do a top 10 for a few of their ranges. A couple of the ones I wanted to see last time have actually even been done by now – let’s hope this time next year we can tick some of these off the list too!

Pop! Animation

  1. Ricky Gervais – But only as shown in the animated version of the Ricky Gervais show podcast.
  2. Stephen Merchant – As above, I don’t think you can have one without the other.
  3. Karl Pilkington – As above again but this time you truly cant have one without the other. The Ricky Gervais show would be nothing without Karl Pilkington who is one of the funniest people there is!
  4. Darwin – From the Wild Thornberrys, we can’t get over the fact that they didn’t include him in the first place!
  5. Beavis and Butthead – They need some new figures, although for this I’ve included them as a double pack or even better a movie moment sat on their sofa.
  6. Archer – Let’s get down to business, they need to make them for the full cast, but this man is the perfect place to start.
  7. Toot Braunstein – Again we need all the Drawn Together characters but how fun would Toot look alongside the Betty Boop pops?
  8. Flaky – We keep doing this with the animation section… we need all of the Happy Tree Friends characters as pops, but I kinda like Flaky!
  9. I Am Weasil & I R Baboon – I know they’re 2 characters and eventually I’d like to see them as separate pops but for the sake of this I want to see a television moment of the episode where they grow life in a lab.
  10. The demon Girl from the Tenacious D “Fuck her Gently” video… Just because, why not? Have an animation moment with her, the 2 boys and Satan – the bit where their butts are reflected in his eyes!

Pop! Icons

  1. Sir David Attenborough – I guarantee that at least in the UK this thing would sell out almost immediately!
  2. Professor Stephen Hawking – An absolutely remarkable man who surely is the epitome of an icon.
  3. Barack Obama – I believe he has a bobble head by Funko but not a Funko Pop… If the worst president the US has seen in recent history, Donald Trump gets a pop, then surely one of the best presidents the country has had in recent years should get one too?
  4. Keith Haring – Kid Robot have recent paid homage to his art with a range of Dunny figures, and it would be so nice to see an actual figure of him.
  5. Harry Houdini – The greatest or at least most well known escape artist of all time – yes please!
  6. Jane Goodall – We know a lot about chimpanzees thanks to this remarkable woman who endured a lot for that knowledge, but even more so, having had the honor of meeting her, she is one of the most special people I have ever had the chance to listen to – when she speaks, people listen… because what she says is important!
  7. Neil Armstrong – The first man on the moon, that’s worth immortalizing in plastic right?
  8. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. – Especially at the moment it feels like we all need reminding of what this man stood and worked for… That was a huge movement with many worthy icons, but having to pick one he’s the face of the black struggle in America and would make a very worthy pop for anyone’s collection.
  9. Alan Turing – Often credited as the father of the computer and responsible for saving countless lives during the second world war as a code breaker.
  10. The Unknown Protestor – Or should we call him tank man? Talk about an icon… Imagine standing in Tiananmen Square, China and putting yourself in the way of a procession of tanks.

Pop! Movies

  1. Simon Peter-Gruber – We’ve got Hans Gruber from the 1st Die Hard movie, and I’d love to see his brother from the third!
  2. Doom-Head – from the Rob Zombie movie 31… He is absolutely crazy but I love the character and I think he’d make a fun pop.
  3. Barney Ross – I think this is one of Stallone’s best roles and want to see him as a pop, potentially with a post battle chase!
  4. John Rambo – and he can be from any scene in any film – although I think the first or second films have the most iconic looks to them.
  5. Tooth Fairy – their depiction in Hellboy II: the Golden Army, although to be honest there are a lot of creatures in this film which I’d love to see as pops.
  6. Alice – from the first Resident Evil film wearing that iconic red dress and ready to kick zombie butt for the first time.
  7. Machete – We desperately need a proper Danny Trejo pop rather than that Jaguar pop everyone keeps having to get him to sign from Rick and Morty.
  8. Sir Didymous & Ambrosius – the best character combo from the Labyrinth.
  9. Borat – Had to go for one of his characters, the man’s a comedic genius, and this is probably his most famous one… Either this or Bruno!
  10. Hideo Kuze – There is a Ghost in a Shell set and I can’t believe he’s missing, hes one of the collect looking characters.

Pop! Rocks

  1. Tom Delonge to join Travis and Mark in the Blink 182 set – in fact I’d like to see them all as they are in the What’s My Age Again Video… Butt nekkid!
  2. Wayne Static of Static-X. The band has reformed without him since his passing all those years ago, what a tribute that would be.
  3. Yelawolf – There aren’t that many rappers I like, but he is awesome.
  4. Machine Gun Kelly – As above, these 2 guys are so versatile.
  5. Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein – Quintessentially of the Misfits image, he’d make an awesome pop!
  6. Glenn Danzig – I keep wondering whether Danzig or Michael Graves should join Doyle in the Misfits… maybe they can be in an angry double pack or Graves can be a chase for Danzig!
  7. Marilyn Manson – I know we have one now, but one from Mechanical Animals would be nice, dressed as the alien.
  8. Gwen Steffani – She’s a damn cool chick and I feel like the Rocks range could do with some more ladies anyway!
  9. Kylie Minogue – I’ve got a real soft spot for the undisputed princess of pop!
  10. Tenacious D double pack – Just because damn do they deserve it. Maybe like the Around the World pops it could come with a pin of the Pick of Destiny.

Pop! Sport

  1. Rob Dyrdek – Maybe he’s not the greatest sportsman but what he has done outside sport and beyond deserves recognition surely?
  2. Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham – What this man does in a wheelchair is truly a testament to the human spirit!
  3. Jolene Van Vugt – An icon in women’s dirt bike sports and I think there need to be some more women in the sports section.
  4. Travis Pastrana – I love action sports and in my mind no one has done more for action sports (across the board) than this man.
  5. Ken Block – A co-founder of my favorite shoe brand (DC) and one of the best rally drivers out there!
  6. Eric Cantona – Call it in bad taste (although no one was seriously hurt) but I’d love to see a movie moments style sports moment of him in mid air flying over the guard rail ready to kick that guy… You know the one!
  7. Usain Bolt – What… The fastest man in the world doesn’t have a pop?
  8. Mo Farrah – Surely just like Mr bolt, he should have a pop!
  9. Ellie Simmonds – She won 2 gold medals in swimming at the 2008 Paralympic games… and she was only 13!… Sports personality of the year, record breaker – give her a pop!
  10. William Ray Collins Jr. – One of the most tragic stories in boxing of a man taking endless punishment at the hands of a cheater and having the rest of his life affected as a result. A lovely tribute and reminder of what it should mean to show good sportsmanship in all parts of life.

Pop! Television

  1. Max & Caroline – from 2 Broke Girls, in a double pack wearing their uniforms from the diner. Such a fun show I never thought I would enjoy!
  2. Angela Abar – In her full ass kicking gear from the Watchmen tv show… I’d like to see the full cast but she just looks awesome.
  3. Gregg Davies & Alex Horne – In a television moment sat next to one another on the greatest televised competition of all time! Taskmaster.
  4. Richard Ayoade – In a corduroy suit with an old-school suitcase representing him in Travel Man.
  5. Kryten, Lister, Cat, Kotchansky and Rimmer – The 5 best recurring characters of the show Red Dwarf who each need to be individually immortalized. I would also include the 2 Hollies but maybe they’d work cool as pins rather than pops… Actually scrap that – also include (male) Holly as the mobile TV unit night watchman!

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