Nerd News: The Full Set of New York Comic Con (NYCC) Funko Pop Reveals

If anything else happens to pop up – you know what Funko announcements can be like, they come at you from every angle some times, I will add them on down here – I think I’ve already updated this page about 5 times. To start with I did put out a post which you can find here which summarized pretty much everything announced on the first day so if you want more details click here to read that. I will however start this with a gallery showing you everything which was covered in that post.

I felt like these announcements started them off on a pretty slow foot and I wasn’t hugely impressed with most of that, although I think a rat eating a slice of pizza is a pretty good mascot for New York, so I do quite like those… But I think a little later on below they do pick up the pace a bit!

I want to dive right in actually with what I think is the best reveal so far and that’s a new set of street art inspired designs. There is a Miles Morales (not that you can tell) bobble head in front of a section of wall with both him and the wall covered in graffiti. I for one absolutely love this design and I know on Twitter it has really divided people! This is the first in a series of 7 and I can’t wait to try and somehow get my hands on these.

What do you think of these?

We’ve got quite a few animation pops to mention including Stitch from Lilo and Stitch holding a slice of cake, Jiminy Cricket from Disney’s Pinnochio, Comic Book Guy (who looks really great with the comic book sleeve) & Wolfman Bart from the Simpsons, Dixie & Pixie from Hanna Barbera, Danny Phantom, 3 new Masters of the Universe pops including an over sized Beast man, Naruto Kaguya Otsutsuki, Junji Ito Souichi, Mr Compress from My Hero Academia and Barnacle Boy & Mermaidman from Spongebob Square pants.

A slightly different addition to the animation range is a flocked Ein from Cowboy Bebop which is made different by the fact that its a sweet pop and tee combo pack!

A couple of gaming franchises are represented with 2 flocked Pokemon as well as a pretty cool looking Fortnite character with a loot llama head.

We’ve just said hello to McDonald’s pops for the first time ever and to be honest what most of us wanted was Ronald right? In the UK he is certainly the most famous, alongside the Hamburglar of course, but now we also have Captain Crook.

We get a couple of classic movies with Snake from Escape from New York, and let’s face it – as fitting as it is, this is a pop which is well over due, it looks absolutely incredible. That’s joined with an over sized Fezzik pop from the Pricess Bride, Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother and Beetlejuice.

Keeping on the theme of movies (and shows) there are a lot of superhero related pops to be announced including Nightwing, Wonder Woman (with a really cool action sculpt), an old school joker (in pink for breast cancer awareness which is cool and would look amazing with the bigger breast cancer awareness set which I hope I will receive soon), a young version of Ben from Umbrella Academy, Red Goblin, Daredevil (as a Marvel Zombies character) and a venomised Magneto.

It wouldn’t be a Funko reveal at the moment if they didn’t have an Office pop, so here is Recyclops, which to be fair I know a lot of people have been requesting online since they started doing office pops!

Beach head G I Joe is a really cool looking addition to the retro toys range which was launched earlier this yeah.

Then we finish off with 3 Funko Soda figures to be announced with these being Toy Tokyo exclusives of Envy Adam from Scott Pilgrim vs the World which has a chase version where her shoes are black instead of red and she has a silver jacket instead of white and from Masters of the Universe, She-Ra with a metallic chase and Spikor, also with a metallic chase. It’s nice to see them stick to their guns when they say limited edition for once and actually give us a limited edition range of figures with a run of 3,000 per design. Where it gets really interesting though is the new Freddy Funko who has been turned in to an NYC soda figure with the chase having pizza slices on his shirt which I love… bit what I love most is that he is limited to just 2,000!

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