What is a Mezco Living Dead Doll?

Mezco is a toy producer which makes all manner of genres both in terms of product styles and fandoms covered. Whether it’s action figures or dolls, or comic characters or ones based on original artwork, their work is absolutely stunning. The way I first got introduced to them was through what I believe they do the best, and that is their horror range. If you ask me, there is not another toy producer out there who handles horror franchises quite as well as Mezco do. Among this body of horror work you will find some dolls… the living dead dolls!

I used to own a number of living dead dolls when I still lived at home. Remembering back I think I had Sybil (which was my very first one in fact), Eggzorcist, Dr Dedwin & Nurse Necro (double pack) and a few of the mini figures as well. Sadly when it was time to move out I had to move on that collection and I have been without my living dead dolls ever since!

This does mean that any photos I show on here are not from my collection and instead are from the Mezco website, where you can order some of these dolls. I would really love to replace some of mine one day but they’ve really shot up in value since then!


There’s really nothing special about the actual concept of the living dead doll…

How big is a Living Dead Doll?

Generally speaking it’s a 10 inch tall doll, however there are exceptions with the smaller versions going as small as 2 inches and a couple of porcelain ones being a massive 18 inches tall.

What are Living Dead Dolls made of? Is it a hard of soft body?

They are made from all plastic, which allows them to be displayed standing up, and to give you more freedom of movement when displaying, they have, as standard, 5 points of articulation. The clothes are always fabric and are removable. There have however also been a couple of porcelain dolls made.

So what does make the living dead dolls different?

It is the execution where these things become that much more special. They often come in a coffin shaped display box (other than when they have special edition one such as the Chucky doll obviously coming in a box which looks more like the film box) and this complements their theme.

They’re called living dead dolls for a reason – the theme for these dolls is always the macabre – horror – haunting – thriller – anything dark really! This could be from one of their many original characters through to movie and myth favourites like Edgar Allen Poe, Jack the Ripper, Krampus, Nosferatu, Chucky and many more!

Just to add to the creepiness factor (and I must add at this point that it’s a weird thing for me to have ever collected as I am scared of dolls, but there’s something special about these guys that I just couldn’t resist – although I couldn’t live with a Chucky doll in the house), some have extra features like being able to talk!

They’re an incredibly popular range with as many as 34 standard series having been produced to date along with loads of company and country exclusives, special editions, special sets and different sizes etc, so there is something for everyone… As long as you like creepy dolls that is!

On their website they usually retail for around $60 to $65 which is only marginally more than what I was paying for them in the UK about 12 years ago, but some of the older dolls can fetch pretty good money on auction sites now.

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