Nerd News: Numskull Produce Friends Tubbz & Pins

Numskull have been known for a little while now for their Tubbz cosplaying ducks, and in the past I feel that they have always had certain geeky theme – they always felt very gamery or sci-fi-ish, with the latest announcement before these being the horror ones. I feel like this set takes them a step away from their usual themes, which may well be a good thing and I would say certainly will bring them a new audience. For me personally, I prefer the more outlandish designs like Fallout, Borderlands and Street Fighter – for me a SitCom works less well.

See for yourselves though, they have the main characters of course, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Monika. For me, if I didn’t know they were the Friends characters and saw just one of them without any context (except for maybe Phoebe and at a push Rachel) I’m not convinced I’d be able to tell you right away that these are Friends ducks.

The Tubbz are available for pre-order now using the link below for £12.99 and seem to be ready for shipping around November.

To complement these they also have some pins which I hadn’t seen in this style from them before and I have to say that I actually prefer these to the Tubbz set. They are due for release slightly earlier in October at £7.99 per set of 2.

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