Nerd News: NYCC Exclusive Funko Pops Revealed (Day 1)

Funko have been revealing some of the New York Comic Con exclusive pops and other products today and I have to say that for me there hasn’t been anything too impressive yet and I wonder whether there is anything more still to come to wet our appetite a little more!

The first things we have are some Star Wars pops including a Luke & Leia Jedi training double pack from the Rise of Skywalker as well as yet another baby Yoda / the child, with him this time wearing a necklace… I really do feel like we have enough of these little guys now don’t we?

From the world of Harry Potter we’ve got a Pop town in the form of the Burrow, and then we also have Ron at the World Cup.

There’s only one ad icon so far in the form of the Dum Dums Drum man.

I think one which is going to be very popular is a move moment from the Disney Pixar movie Up, in the form of Carl and Ellie in their younger years… It’s a pretty sweet moment to have been captured in pop form.

Finally we have got the NYCC mascots, Paulie Pigeon and Pizza Rat, both of them available in 2 colours in pop form (with the original colours, with the Rat with an orange hat being limited to 3,000 and Paulie with a blue mask being limited to just 1,500) as well as one colour in pin form (as a double pack)… Finally also making their way on to a pretty sweet t-shirt.

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