DC Batwing x Justice League Batman & Cyborg Soap Studio Double Pack

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I have to be completely honest and say that I had never heard of Soap Studio before and when I popped in to a B&M Home Store which wasn’t my usual one, I saw these figures for the first time. If you check them out on eBay for some reason they range as high as £40 and Zavvi does sell some of the single packs (at the link below) for £14.99 each, however for this double pack I only paid £4.99 which was EASILY worth spending.


From afar the figures reminded me a little bit of the Funko Dorbz, because of the shape and look of the boxes for the single figures, however the double pack had a totally different pack – it was 100% clear plastic with some white print on it. It’s just a normal double pack but I have to say the packaging is so nicely done that it almost feels like a special edition pack.

I have to give them props for the packaging but it is a shame that Batmans cape just sort of floats freely in the bowels of the packaging in a little sealy bag. Also the two figures were partly wrapped in plastic so to have them look nicer I had to take them out, remove the plastic and put them back. I don’t know why they use it because the blister pack is a nice fit so I don’t think there’s much risk of damaging the figures in the box. Also I don’t know why they tape the top of the box… Because they don’t tape the bottom!

As they don’t seal the bottom I got them out and had a good look. The joints on these figures aren’t great. For Cyborg one of the legs just fell off as soon as I got it out as the connecting joint was just too loose and the arm joints just feel cheap and fragile. They have tried to give them a fair bit of freedom by giving it more of a ball joint so that the arm can move in more directions and angles, but it’s a really loose joint so if you do position the arm at an angle, it probably won’t stay like that anyway… But then again, probably works quite well if used by kids for playing with – which I guess makes sense that they have to consider that when designing these toys 😉

The joints aren’t the only things which feel cheap. I am used to collecting kid robot, super plastic and funko, so I’m used to that nice softish vinyl feel, often with a nice bright finish. These on the other hand have a rougher matt finish and they felt much lighter than I thought they would. The material just doesn’t feel as high quality as the other manufacturers. Not such a big problem as a display piece but it just takes away from their value a bit.

One thing which sets these apart from things like Funko pops or Dorbz, and I think in that way also plays more in to the hands of the actual toy market, rather than the collectors market is that these come with a little range of accessories too which are displayed towards the front of the box.

So all in all, as I said they do feel a bit cheap but they’re cute as hell and a nice break from the likes of Kid Robot and Funko constantly filling up the content stream here (not that new Kid Robot and Funko content is ever a bad thing). if you can get them for a good price like I did, I’d say they’re a no brainer and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some more in my collection one day… The sculpt and paint for these things is just bang on the nose!

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