Nerd News: Re:Anime Need Help to Keep their Fan Videos on Youtube

If you’re unaware of them Re:Anime films make live action versions of your favourite animes, and to be honest they really are very good. I think it shows that they are fan films… They’re not huge budget productions – they’re short bouts of genuine fun and they clearly enjoyed making them too. To give you an example here’s their Batman video:

They’ve got 485,000 Youtube subscribers and over 40,000 Instagram followers… Fans enjoying what are clearly each their own homage to the respective anime. However they recently uploaded their version of One Punch Man, and as it turns out Bandai Namco did not appreciate it. In fact they made a complaint to Youtube on at least 3 counts of copyright infringement and not only has the video been removed but also the whole account is facing closure in 7 days (as of yesterday).

Re:anime have started a petition which has already been signed by almost 4,000 people and can be found below. I am not sure how effective it will be but I do hope that Bandai Namco and YouTube do reconsider because they really are fun harmless videos.

On their Instagram page, Re:Anime claim that, “This is transformative art and falls under parody law and fair use!!”

I do hope that what ever the issue is, that they are able to turn it around and find a way for Bandai Namco to see this is a positive opportunity. Until this I had never heard of One Punch Man… Sounds like it’s all pretty good advertising for Bandai if you ask me!


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