Nerd News: Pre-Order Halo Funko Pops Now Available

Funko have announced 3 new common Funko Pops for their games range with the Masterchief, Spartan Mark VII with a commando rifle and Spartan Mark VII with a commando rifle, in a Funko Deco paint job, all from Halo infinite. These alongside Masterchief with Cortana are available to pre-order from PopInABox now using the link below at £9.99 each, and they’re also all in the 2 for £18.99 deal!

They will be shipping out around November 2020.

On top of these there are also 3 exclusives, and even though i don’t personally play Halo, I want these 3 in my collection! Especially the Target exclusive with is an icy kind of finish. Then there is a black and red (house colours) one for GameStop and a really nice camo job exclusive to Best Buy.

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