Nerd News: Utopia (Amazon Prime) Trailer Reaction

OK so I know that I’m a bit late to the party here… The trailer for the new show on Amazon Prime dropped on the 18th August but damn am I glad that we once accidentally signed up for Prime, forgot to cancel and then realized 6 months later that actually we can quite happily afford it!

We all love a show set in a dystopian future, or present right… But what about such a present playing out the end of the world as a result of a viral outbreak, being released right now… In the middle of an actual global pandemic.

If anything I think it’s fair to say that people kept their heads together far better in real life than in the movies BUT what we don’t fully know yet is how everything in Utopia plays out. After all at one point in the trailer someone clearly points at a drawing of a zombie. Is this a new Walking Dead where they’ve managed to inject some fun back in to the idea of the undead?

I sure hope so!

I’ve found it difficult lately to get excited about many of the shows on tv, but I have to say that this looks like something I can really get behind. It’s like some crazy good mashup between a zombie flick, survival flick, tongue in cheek comedy, with a nod at comic books, e girls (or maybe it’s just someone with blue hair) and 80s action movie love for explosions… Essentially it looks like a completely plausible origins show for Zombieland.

I hand’t been aware of this before but it turns out that it looks to be based on an old cancelled Channel 4 show from the UK also called Utopia, based on the same premise but I’d say the British version actually looks even more weird! It does make me appreciate the time which has gone in to the colours in the new Amazon Prime version. After all its a show about a graphic novel which predicts terrible events… All of this is discovered by comic book fans, and if there’s one thing I know about comic cons and everything else about the culture it is that we do like ourselves some nice bright colours! And of course all those explosions.

Utopia will start streaming on Amazon Prime from 25th September.

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