Nerd News: New range of Funko Soda Coming Soon!

Sorry I’m actually a couple of days late with this one! As you may have heard there is a new range of Funko soda figures coming out soon, and as with their pops, the soda’s are proving to be very popular which is resulting in the limited numbers (one of the things so many people loved about the soda figures) starting to rapidly creep up! This set has a couple of high quantity figures!

The first of these is a cool one which I’m glad they decided to release, it’s Freddy Mercury in his iconic yellow jacket, with the chase version being a glittery silver one… But there are 20,000 of these figures!

Another high volume one, again with 20,000 units is Oogie Boogie who has a glow in the dark chase version.

At a slightly lower quantity we’ve got a couple from the Batman franchise with 15,000 units each of the Joker (with the chase having his make up running) and Batgirl who has a metallic chase.

Next, with 12,500 units set to be released is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure in the form of Michelangelo with a glow in the dark chase.

Jean Lafoote representing the Cap’n Crunch brand has a chase version with a different coloured outfit, which is going to be limited to 7,500.

Finally we’ve got Woody Woodpecker where the chase is a very subtle difference in the shape of the head and face… I personally quite like when the chase is only slightly different. What I love most about this figure is that there will only be 3,000!

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