IT: Chapter 2 Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

After Pennywise was defeated in the first movie by the Losers club – a close knit group of outcasts for one reason or another, the kids grew up and most of them moved away to start their adult lives as risk assessors, authors, comedians and all sorts of other grown up things. One loser (Mike) however doesn’t leave Derry and he calls them all one day to invoke a pact they made 27 years ago when they first defeated Pennywise the demon clown… All grown up now, they’ve got to do it all over again.

This is an almost 2 and a half hour mammoth from what I remember… At least that’s what Sky Cinema told me, but it really doesn’t feel like it. Don’t be put off thinking, damn how man I going to fit this all in. Just clear your schedule and settle in!

I am terrified of clowns – always have been, and the original Pennywise played by Tim Curry is pretty much my worst nightmare! In this second movie from the reboot series we see Bill Skarsgård return as a much more old school and less clowny kind of clown… I find him less scary than Tim Curry, but FAR more creepy. I always think that the hallmarks of a grade A horror movie is not to rely only on jump scares (although this film has those in droves as well) but to creep out your audience… make them feel uneasy and not want to have their feet on the floor. Skarsgård and the special effects people on this film know this all too well.

It takes a lot to scare me, but this film had a few parts which genuinely gave me goose bumps… that doesn’t happen too often!

The story is told in a really clever way and to be honest, without giving too much away it’s told in quite an unexpected way with them all coming back together after years apart to then each revisit something from their past… And you know that with Pennywise at the helm, that past comes back very vivid and very surreal!

What I like even more is that the film actually tackles a lot of real world problems from racism and sexual abuse to repressing feelings and bullying… That’s littered throughout and makes all of the problems which these kids and adults face feel all the more real. It takes the fantasy away from the movie because you know that just like in real life, no one is perfect – no one is without their personal demons!

This is definitely one of those movies which you’re going to want to go back to because there will no doubt be things you missed the first time around. The first film is the same… these movies have little clues and creepy stuff hidden all over them, and that’s what makes them such good horror movies… Some times you’re not even 100% sure why its creeping you out until something is pointed out to you or you’ve given it a second or third watch!

Does it leave you wanting more?


Do we get closure at the end of this?

As if I’d answer that questions for you! Just watch it – you won’t be disappointed! I will say that I’d love there to be a third one because I really do like where they have taken the IT franchise with Bill Skarsgård… If and how they might be able to facilitate that (whether its with more sequels, prequels, spin offs or what ever), we’ll just have to wait and see.

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