Nerd News: 10 New Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Funko Pops Coming Soon

The Treehouse of Horrors range of Funko Pops is getting 10 new additions, of which 3 will be exclusives. These 3 are gamer Bart (unless I’m missing something here, not sure why he’s a treehouse of horrors character), exclusive to Game Stop, Homer with a doughnut as a head, which he is eating, exclusive to Box Lunch and Bart as a crow exclusive to Hot Topic.

The commons are available to pre-order now from Pop in a Box who expect to be shipping them in October of this year:

The commons which we have got coming are; Homer as the grim reaper, Marge as a witch (not sure why she’s green, thought at first glance that it was a Marge as bride of Frankenstein one – I don’t remember the episode of the Simpsons but I guess she was a green witch in that), Krusty as a vampire, Ned Flanders as an awesome looking devil (for some reason he reminds me of the robot devil in Futurama), Bart as a space man with Maggie, Bart is a skateboarding zombie and Homer as a Jack in a Box.

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