Nerd News: Sanrio Hello Kitty & Friends Galore with Kid Robot!

When I say Hello Kitty and friends from Sanrio galore over at Kid Robot, I’m not kidding! There is a whole new and varied range available now on their website! It’s a mixture of brand new and also a few fairly new items which I wrote about recently… It’s an impressive collection though to say the least!

Let’s take a look!

Firstly, and this is the newest announcement, there are some new plush toys including the latest, a 12.5 inch sports plush which even has a hooded jacket which partially unzips. This is joined by a black hole edition Kaiju cos play plush along with a cosmos kaiju cos play edition and a dinosaur cos play one which is so cute, it’s already sold out. These range from $34.99 – $39.99.

The sports theme goes a little further too, with a few of these having been announced recently already. There is a range of enamel pins, embroidered patches, Team USA sports ball style key chains and Team USA mini figures!

If sports related stuff isn’t your thing but you still want key chains and mini figures, they do have both as well with their Hello Kitty Time to Shine range.

There are some really nice art figures in this range as well with prices ranging from $65 through to $500 with there being 2 variants of the Candie Bolton nostalgia edition Hello Kitty, which sees her in a sort of teenage style. The $500 figure is the 20 inch version, with the smaller 9 inch figure being limited to just 300 world wide!

The other 2 art figures are a more familiar shape for Hello kitty and they are an 8 inch 80’s retro styled figure limited to 500 world wide and a 6.5 inch SDCC exclusive version limited to 750. The edition is slightly larger and figure smaller but the SDCC neon pop version, even though the same price is a really cool figure, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t collect Hello kitty at all!

The final Hello Kitty vinyl figure is in the form of a Bhunny 4 inch. There are some more vinyl figures but those are Hello Kitty’s friends! This Hello Kitty Bhunny is part of a series 1 5 piece set which also includes Sponge Bob, Beetle Juice, Donnatello and weirdly enough Bob Ross! This 5 pack is $70.95.

I didn’t realise that Sanrio had so many different characters which go along side the Hello Kitty brand, but there’s easily enough for another full range of products including big plush ice creams, Hello Kitty fries, vehicles (most of which seem to be food trucks), vinyl blind box mini figures, blind box ice cream cone key chains and even some tiny plush burgers!

Oh and how could I forget! A weird egg yolk think with arms and legs that wants to crawl back in to the egg shell after being cracked as a fried egg… Why not!

Just to round the whole thing off there’s a 300 piece limited edition t-shirt designed by Candie Bolton as part of that nostalgia range. Although at $39.99 for the shirt I’m not so sure about the price.

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