Topps Virtual Trading Cards

I know what a lot of you are thinking! My wife thinks the same, and to be honest when I first came across this I thought the same thing too. Is this really something which we need in our lives? What is the point of a trading card game if you can’t get the actual cards?

To be honest though I’d never got in to the traditional trading cards either. It’s a collectible and a game which has been around for ever, but I just know that I don’t want to dive down that rabbit hole too… My Funko addiction is bad enough!

So how did I even come to find these?

I’ve just been on a small holiday which included a trip to Blackpool which is famous for its arcades. I posted on my Instagram page about this because there was a token pushing machine which also had some DC collectors cards in it. Now I don’t really like DC much and don’t collect cards… But I really wanted these! The next day on Instagram (because of course they follow and pass on everything you do online) I got an advert for the Marvel Topps trading card app.

I wanted to see what it’s all about so I installed it. It’s ok! Nothing more, but also not terrible. You can open packs (they actually have a virtual pack which opens, which is pretty cool), and then you get your cards. You end up with duplicates and you can even trade these with other people. Marvel however isn’t something I’m passionate about so I couldn’t really get in to it.

I wondered whether they make any others, and oh boy do they!

So next I downloaded the walking dead and fear the walking dead combined app, as these are 2 shows I really am passionate about! And wouldn’t you know it, the app is awful! You get less free money, the cards are boring, the layout is awful and it has far fewer features than the more popular ones. There just wasn’t anything redeeming about this app. Needless to say I gave up on that pretty quickly, but it did lead me to my favorite of the 3 and the only one I actively play!

The Star Wars Topps Trading Card game on Android (I believe you can also get it on Apple), is really easy to use, looks cool, has loads of cards (including plenty of special edition and limited time availability ones), features all your favorite characters and just has enough little fun features to keep you interested and keep it fun! Even down to being able to combine low ranking cards to make a higher ranking one… So if anyone says that you can only get the higher tier cards if you have money – that’s just not right.

I have only put a couple of £ in to the app to test out how easy it is and whether it opens more opportunities for you. There is no doubt that as soon as you buy something you get more! That might be more cards in a pack or better odds for getting special edition ones. But if you wanted to, you can easily play this game without ever putting a single penny on to your account – things will just have to wait a little longer!

Beyond the fact that the app can be played for free you can seek out the other cards which you might have missed out on by placing them in your wish list. This way you can still admire all of the amazing artwork, some of this is absolutely incredible. I’m especially a big fan of the full bleed art designs, the graffiti style designs and the part art type ones.

Even though you’re literally just collecting digital pictures which Topps can reproduce and copy and rehash as often as they like (and they do by just adding a different coloured border) ita acrually still nice to know that an image has sold out and I am one of 200 and something who has one. This along with the packet opening graphics and the ability to trade with other people actually tricks you in to feeling like you’re building up a genuine collection of cards.

SO, are these apps just a waste of time?

Yes they are… but surely that’s why you download them? That’s why I wanted to get involved… It’s something to do! Managing the account takes a few minutes here or there. I must say as well that I’m liking the concept of the trading cards and its now so much easier to share and trade them due to improved travel and of course the internet… I think if my local super market started selling Star Wars trading cards I wouldn’t be able to distract him!

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