Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I like 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, it’s a great early 2000’s style of stoner silliness which we don’t see so much of any more these days. When did the juvenile pot smoking, beer chugging toilet humor from the likes of Dude Where’s my Car, American Pie, Road Trip and of course Jay and Silent Bob become not funny?

If there’s one thing which this reboot, does it is to show that actually, it is still funny!

Jason Mewes and Kevin James… I mean Kevin Smith both look great, they’ve aged well and still suit the roles which they play… It’s easy to believe that they’ve spent the last 20 years smoking and selling weed. The way that everything is explained throughout the film, as if they had been discovered preserved in frozen bong water adds a lot to the film. Allowing the characters to remain absolutely unchanged and make them feel like they’re 20 years older.

The cast (which also has cameo after cameo of people who you know and love from past Kevin Smith movies, although also keep a look out for a Val Kilmer, who has not aged as well as Jason and Kevin), all do a great job in allowing my generation to relive a stoner comedy great… rebooted in a way which makes fun of the fact that it’s being rebooted. Everything about this movie in tongue-in-cheek – from the constant comedy at their own expense, to seeing old characters from the previous film, or making fun of everything which Kevin Smith loves… Comic books, comic shops, comic conventions, casting his friends and family in his movies and who the actors are in them selves… The only thing they don’t make fun of is weed…. it plays a big funny part but I don’t recall any jokes at the expense of the weed… Other than edibles maybe.

I wouldn’t say that this movie will have you laughing out loud and rolling on the floor from start to finish. I think in general Kevin Smith movies don’t… What they do instead is appeal to a few different niche markets who see enough of themselves in the films to be able to relate and fall in love with the characters, whilst constantly delivering giggles and nostalgia.

Do you want to have a few big belly laughs (although it has some of those too – the first of these being right from the get go – check out the trailer for Jays’s mangina… It really does set the tone for the movie!), or be sitting there with a grin on your face as if you were as stoned as they were all the way from start to finish?

Its the same old story!

Jay and Silent Bob get themselves in to a bit of trouble with the law, which results in them going on a road trip across the country which is splattered with interference from girls, weed, food, sex and random tangents! If you don’t have a problem with that, strap in for a trip to Hollywood with these 2 hetero life mates and their various companions.

I think they could have pushed the peddle closer to the metal with some of the scenes and cut a few things down to keep the momentum going in places, but it was all in the name of nostalgia, and all in all I really liked this movie and I’m sure it won’t be my last time watching it.

I saw it on Sky Cinema as it’s most recent primer by the way.

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