Nerd News: Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo Trailer Reaction & Premiere Date

The premiere of the Danny Trejo biopic Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo is going ahead on 7th July at 17:00 PT with a load of live fun and surprises happening from that time on the @IGNdtocom Instagram and Facebook pages. You can pre order the movie now to watch along with Danny, finishing with a live Q&A afterwards!

This is going to be a virtual premiere NOT to be missed, but for now let’s check out the trailer!

Danny Trejo, on screen is the ultimate badass, and then when you see him on his Instagram he is also an absolute saint putting his community and his family first. His work during the COVID-19 pandemic helping to feed people and looking after key workers has been inspirational to say the least… And it’s not just him donating to the cause. He’s there on the street handing out food himself.

From the trailer we can see that Danny started out as a badass and that he got caught up in the totally opposite world to what he has created for himself now. As is quoted in the trailer, they make movies about people like Danny… Point proven, that they have finally made a movie about Danny!

He started going in and out of prison, and spent his time there making a name for himself as the top dog, before starting out making those changes by becoming a drug councilor and then landing his first movie roles… which just opened up a lot more doors for him… Although of course he is still playing the same badass he grew up as. He became typecast as this kind of guy… an inmate… a thug.

And then Machete happened! If you haven’t seen machete, what is wrong with you? Go see Machete, it’s an awesome film and it takes the idea of Danny as a badass and makes him in to the hero, whose an absolutle badass… So after all that time you finally get a movie representation of what Danny is actually about:

I can’t wait to see this movie which is full of interviews with him and other people he has worked with, to see that this man is a legend in all the right ways!

He has been an inspiration for me for many years, having been a fan of his movies since I can remember… I got so excited one day when he liked a photo of my dog! That’s the other thing about this guy, he’s a dog lover too! What’s not to like about Danny Trejo? On 7th July, we all get to delve in to his career and further, together, with the man himself, and I for one won’t miss it for the world!

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