Alita: Battle Angel Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This movie, directed by the one and only Robert Rodriguez is based on the film Battle Angel (which in turn was an animated adaptation of the Gunnm manga series), and there’s always a worry that the films won’t deliver in these circumstances. Manga has a very specific style to not only the way it looks but also to the stories themselves.

In 2017 Scarlett Johansson stared as Major in the movie adaptation of Ghost in a Shell, and while I thought it was a great film, a lot of people felt that it lost a bit of the manga magic. It was thought that it was too dark (visually) and didn’t have as much of the future theatrics as it could have had… With Alita, I think there will be no worries about that!

It has it all if you ask me… There’s an android with massive eyes to make sure that you know this was originally a manga title. Then there is future fun in droves! From a futuristic sport, to weapons, different types of androids or people with upgrades and an amazing mixture of current and future architecture… Which by the way is very reminiscent of Elysium… Just saying!

From a movie with Battle Angel in the title, you want there to be some battles, and whilst you have a lot of fights, I have still been left wanting a lot more battling! When i think of battles I’m thinking a grand affair with hundreds of people and androids… maybe they’ll make a sequel where she goes to war – no matter what, if they made a sequel I’d go and see it, as long as Rodriguez is at the helm.

I think he was the absolute perfect choice for this as he has a dark eye and a wicked imagination for bringing all of those concepts together.

Alita is played by a live action actress in Rosa Salazar who wore a motion capture suit allowing us to see a cgi version of her. I wonder whether it could have been done with practical effects or makeup (other than the massive eyes), but actually you end up with this one character looking that little bit different to the others… that bit more artificial, and it works! You know right away that she is different – special.

So go travel to the year 2563, 300 years after a massive world war called the Fall and feel like (if the world can really survive that long), this could well be the future of humanity.

I could have watched this film even longer, especially more scenes from motorball… But for now this was a very nice piece of film!

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