G n G Boxes Hit or Miss Mystery Box Unboxing x 3

I managed to get 3 of the hit or miss mystery boxes which were released towards the start of this month by G n G Boxes through their Instagram account. Their boxes always sell out pretty fast and I know they have a pretty good following online so if you want one of the boxes don’t hang around too long. You get plenty of time to think about it in advance as they advertise them nice and early!

These boxes worked out at £14.99 each and then £5 postage for up to 4 pops. If you wanted more (there was no sales limit) then you had to pay extra postage. They did also then send them all in a single box, although they were unwrapped in those boxes. It’s always nice with the numbered boxes if they stay wrapped in brown paper or something or a box inside a box to show that they’re not being cherry picked if you buy more than one. I have no reason to believe that was the case here – just always a nice way to do it.

The person I dealt with via Instagram messaging (I don’t recall their name) was an absolute pleasure to deal with by the way – huge kudos for that, and the did everything very quickly too considering they were sorting the boxes out themselves.

These were hit or miss boxes, so there were always bound to be some bad ones, which I think were limited to just 10 out of the run of 65, which is a bummer because as you’ll see below – spoiler alert! I got 2 of them). The boxes were also guaranteed to be in 8 to 10 condition and there wasn’t anything absolutely terrible condition amongst mine.

So what did I get?

Chase Porg

This one was valued at £9 so even though it’s the chase version, they churned out a ton of these and personally I think they’re not a great pop anyway to be honest so the price doesn’t surprise me and I don’t want it in my collection anyway.

With this one I think you could pass it easily as an 8 box condition as it does have a ding on the top at the front but not too much more. It is a shame that the damage is right on the front, but it’s not really too bad. Plus its a really cheap pop so you can’t damage the price too much anyway!


This £38 pop is from Kingsman and is of Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, complete with a cute little dog. This one was my hit for this box. I think its an ok movie but as I don’t like it any more than that, this figure which doesn’t look amazing won’t join my collection. There are some figures from franchises I don’t know which I would keep just because they look cool – many of the just people figures don’t really fit in to that category sadly.

With this figure I think an 8 is pretty generous for the box condition, but maybe I’m just being overly picky… I can be quite picky as I’m an in the box collector! Its got a few creases and dents on the box which are easily visible from the front, so I think that will damage the value a little bit, but nevertheless this is still my hit and I made money on this one in terms of value damaged or not!

Bullseye and Daredevil

I knew I had a double pack when I checked the packaging without peeking and sort of hoped that it would be the weird batman double pack, but to no luck. I got this pair which I don’t collect.

I have absolutely no interest in Daredevil so its a shame that this £7 double pack ended up being in there. On the plus side, the box is in perfect condition.

The actual package when it arrived was a tiny bit banged up but that wasn’t an issue as the boxes were well wrapped up with bubble wrap and the hit was actually also in a soft protector, so I know that the little bit of damage didn’t occur during transit.

However as I said the damage isn’t super bad, so maybe I’m just being a bit picky although the final thing which i didn’t like when I first opened it was that the box smelled a bit smokey. That smell has gone now from the pops so I don’t think that it was sold from a smoker… It could be that they’re a bit musty from where they got them from or it could have been from the delivery company – wouldn’t be unheard of!

I would be interested to do another order with them as they do have a really good reputation and I just pulled a couple of bad pops on this time around… but that’s the risk and also the joy of doing mystery boxes! When I know that box condition isn’t always going to be mint and that there were plenty in the mix which I wasn’t interested in then those things are never going to put me off using a company again.

Those little things about the Eggsy box and the pops coming in a bit smelly (and you can in the video see me smelling the boxes like an absolute psycho – which is the main reason I still mentioned this, ’cause it does look a bit weird if you catch it lol) hasn’t left me unhappy by the way.

I think for the price I paid I got a good deal.

Overall they did a really good job and I’d certainly like to see what else they do, because usually their boxes are a little more high value too!

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