The Funko Pride Collection

The Funko pride collection was announced earlier this year and it is not June 2020, the month when it should be getting shipped, so I’m looking forward to receiving the Sponge bob which I have ordered for my wife and am seriously wondering whether I need to get Batman and Hello Kitty as well before they sell out as well. That’s right, on the Funko website, Sponge bob is already gone! You can still pre-order the whole set from Pop in a Box below!

It’s a really cool set and whilst I don’t collect all of the figures as individual fandoms (although my wife does collect Sponge bob) they are cool enough to warrant having them as their own collection. I love the fact that as well as having the rainbow color to represent the pride movement, they are sort of see through as well.

There’s something really nice about these and to top it off they’re sending some of the proceeds from the sales to the It Gets Better Project which is an organisation which empowers and connects the LGBTQ+ community around the world, especially through youth projects. I’m not part of this community myself however I have plenty of family and friends who are so I am always happy to support those sorts of projects.

I have to say that at the moment Funko have been doing a lot of work with charitable groups to help raise both funds and awareness. This is at the moment probably their biggest and I would say perhaps most successful campaign at the moment… I think that’s largely because of what a great job they’ve done with the pops. But they have also supported the RSPCA in Australia during the trouble with the bush fires and most recently a group of 4 pops to represent the medical profession to support their fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

A few people have been giving them a bit of flack for making these sorts of figures during these times and profiting from those figures. They always make donations to the causes which go along with the figures, although it is not always clear how much those donations amount to. If they profit from it at the same time, I am always of the thought that they are putting in a lot of work to ensure that at least some new funding goes towards those projects… Money which wouldn’t have headed their way if it weren’t for those figures.

But that’s just me!

One thing I would like to see, because I know from their social media activity (or lack thereof over the last week) that it’s a movement they support as an all inclusive company, which is some figures to support the Black Lives Matter movement. I think they always have a great missed opportunity on the back of the box for these sorts of special pops for educating us about key people, events or things which go with that figure!

But for now, back to these awesome pops, which you need to hurry and get hold of because I don’t think they’re going to be around for that long once they hit the shelves. I can’t wait to unbox one and see how the translucent effect looks in person, and am pretty sure that they will deserve to sit on a lit up shelf! If ever there were a set of pops designed for sitting atop lit up pedestals out of the box, these are them!

As I said, the Sponge bob is the first one (and at the moment only one) I have ordered so far, and that’s really just because he would fit in with my wife’s collection… I don’t see anywhere in my collection where he would fit in. Come to think of it my collection is pretty dark, I think it could do with a pride injection! This is actually the first time I’ve seen them with a picture of the box, and I love it!

I do actually have a few Batman figures in my collection – I love the ones in the black boxes, I think they’ve got a real character to them… He’d look pretty cool amongst those wouldn’t you say? I really do think though that to get the full benefit out of these that they’re going to have to be lit up some way – I think that translucence will go to waste other wise.

Finally one figure which really has no place in my collection is Hello Kitty, although that may be precisely the reason why this one could be perfect to get for displaying out of box on an LED pedestal or in one of the LED clear boxes you can get (which are a bit like a hard stack).

Have you thought about how you’re going to display yours? I think they will look great amongst a lot of fun collections like Disney, Anime, Animation, Pokemon etc… Other figures with a lot of color. But I also think that because of what they represent, they’re going to take center stage… Front of shelf real estate for a lot of people!

I know this is a tough time for Funko too – I have just heard the news about them having to let go as much as a quarter of their work force… Especially in these tough times…

Thank you Funko!

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