Nerd News: More from Funko Funkoween in May

Earlier we looked at some Funkoween announcements from Funko Europe and have just seen these elaborated on and even a bunch of new figures added to the roster! The first thing is that the 13 day countdown calendar is available for pre order for August from Amazon through the link below. In the UK we’re out of luck at the moment though as it is listed as $39.99 plus shipping and import charges to the UK being a further $46.08!

Another set which they announced, and it’s about time so I’m pretty excited about it is the craft:

From the craft we move to another film from my younger days in the form of Edward scissorhands which includes a number of Edward figures including a movie moment and exclusives for Wal-Mart and BAM.

The creepshow pops have so far always proved to look incredible so it’s nice to see them add a few more to the range and they don’t disappoint:

Another Wal-Mart exclusive comes in the form of Scooby doo and shaggy:

The final announcement is a set of 4 figures from Zombieland which also includes a 5th figure in the form of a chase version of Bill Murray which are available to pre order now from entertainment earth:

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