Nerd News: Kid Robot x Doodle Boy x Loot Crate Collaboration Looks Amazing

If you want to get involved with this collaboration it looks absolutely amazing and I would say is one of my favourite Dunny designs, but it will only come to fruition if the project can get 300 backers by 24th May 2020… I think this thing looks incredible so I’ve already signed up (although I need to check in with them as an error box came up but with no text init so who knows if it has gone through!), and really hope they get the numbers they need. At the moment they’re at 26%.

This 8 inch Dunny is designed by a 10 year old kid who goes by the name of Doodle Boy, and for someone that young, he is DAMN talented… Well done that young man, can’t wait to see what other projects he might get involved with. His style is perfect for vinyl toys!

The project is £48.36 + shipping, with the payment being taken on 24th May if the project gets off the floor. Find the link below:

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