Nerd News: Butchers Bluff Artist Call for Props

With everything that is happening in the world at the moment, much of the movie industry is on hold when it comes to actually filming, and indie horror Butchers Bluff is much the same, however that’s not to say that it’s at an absolute stand still!

In the background the cogs are still turning and getting ready to start filming once restrictions are lifted and allow work to resume as normal. One of these jobs was just announced as William Instone announced that they are sourcing some more props which will be displayed in the movie as pieces of art produced by the hogman. Artists will receive credit at the end of the movie and it’s a great opportunity to be showcased!

The hogman appears to be some kind of artist and these will decorate one of the movie locations… It looks like the more macabre the better! They are looking for art pieces made from or with bones, so wind chimes, dream catchers, displays, mobiles etc. Even though their focus is on bone related works, they are also considering creepy wood work.

They’re looking at these getting sent to them by 2nd June so get thinking whether there is something you already have or can work on.

More details on their facebook page:

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