Nerd News: Bethesda Gear Fallout Bundles Available for Pre-Order

On the Bethesda Gear website there are 2 new bundles available for the Fallout franchise. The Bethesda Gear shop is an absolute treasure trove of Fallout gear and these 2 bundles look absolutely amazing, especially the first one!

Nuka World Welcome Kit

This $70 kit will ship in September 2020 and contains everything which you might expect if you made a visit to the Nuka World experience with items created by Doctor Collector, including:

  • Nuka Cola vending machine style case
  • Music box playing the Nuka World theme tune
  • Nuka World entrance ticket
  • Nuka World guide book
  • Nuka World map
  • VIP lanyard and pass
  • Pin badge based on the Nuka World mascots (bottle and cappy)
  • Nukacade playing token
  • 4 cap Nuka World bottle cap collection
  • Nukacade ticket
  • Grandchester mystery museum ticket
  • Flyer
  • Bottle and cappy sticker
  • Nuka World coaster
  • Cappy crazy straw

Vault-Tec Representative Bundle

The second bundle which is coming at the earlier release date of July 2020 and at the lower price of $50, and it is the equally amazing Vault-Tec representative bundle which includes:

  • Vault-Tec industries box
  • Certificate of admission to the local vault
  • Banner
  • 3 pins (Vault-Tec Calling, Vault-Tec Van and Business Card Backer)
  • Vault-Tec trophy

Both available online now for pre-order:

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