How to Display your Funko Pop Collection

Personally I don’t like posts like this, but if you’ve come here then I guess you’re either like me and just interested to see what sort of condescending advice I am going to give you, or you’re at a stage where you do want to make your collection stand out a bit more… BUT I don’t think you need someone to tell you how to do it.

Collecting is such an incredibly personal thing. No matter if you collect Funko Pops, or Funko Dorbz, Necca Toys or KidRobot figures, or even if you collect balls of yarn or toenail clippings of celebrities stolen from bins! If you want to collect it, as long as your collecting habits don’t harm anyone or break any laws, you be you and you collect what makes you happy.

The same goes for how to display them.

I know of so many people who like their pop figures in so many different ways, that I don’t think there is a definitive answer to this question. At least not one which is answered with a question. That question is what do you like?

How do I display my Funko Pop figures?

Personally i display mine on book shelves and floating shelves, and like to stack them up a few figures high. Because of this you can already tell that I display mine in the box. I am definitely an in the box collector. I have a few which are out of the box as they were so damaged, but that is it.

For me, I prefer black shelves for my pops, but I do have some on glass and some on silver wooden shelves.

How do I organise my Funko Pop figures?

Personally I display them by franchise and then in number order within that franchise. The only times that doesn’t work is if I get a 6″, 10″, landscape box or some other unusual packaging. In those instances I will just put those odd figures where ever they sit.

I’ve got an Alien queen and Ludo from the Labyrinth sitting on top of my Sky box, while the Nuka girl is on top of the Alien box.

My Chewbacca in an AT-ST on the other hand moves every other week because I hate the shape of the box and have nowhere I am happy with!

Is this the best way to display or sort them?


It’s what works for me both with what I like, the space I have, the number of pops I have and what I can afford. Displaying your collection is a compromise between collecting everything you want to collect and having the means to display them in a way which best suits your needs and wants.

I have seen amazing displays of figures out of the box… I have seen people stack them on top of one another from floor to ceiling (this can look very cool but I highly recommend you put them all in soft protectors if you do as you will end up with slightly compressed and warped boxes if you don’t)… I have seen them displayed in bins (that’s where I have my spares)… There are specialist displays on the market for them… You can organise them by colour… Maybe there is a special theme such as appoclypse, fire, water, nature, aliens or some other common thread between them to allow you to organise… I have seen people use point of sale displays from shops… The list is only limited to your imagination and budget!

However to make this a bit easier, and rather than saying this is how you need to display your collection or how you should display your collection, I am going to go on to Instagram and post below some of my favorite users and their collections. You will see that sometimes the simplest ways have the best effect whilst others have immaculately curated displays!

… And that’s just a tiny glimpse in to the ways some people display their collections. I really do believe that there is no better for you to display your Funko pops than to play around with it and see what fits. Also tastes and moods change, so don’t be afraid to change your collection around now and again. What works for you now, might not in 3 months time. Don’t get stuck in your ways!

Most importantly enjoy your collection!

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