Jumanji: The Next Level Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I was really looking forward to seeing this film, because the first reboot was absolutely brilliant. They took the story and really made it relevant to a modern audience, with a fresh and young cast alongside Jack black and the absolutely amazing duo of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

The cast in this film was much the same, so they were already on to a winning formula, but also added Danny DeVito and Danny Glover, who were really nice to see. I know that they are old now, and they look it too, but they play their characters of old men, very well – although perhaps not as well as Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart do!

The cast really didn’t disappoint and the chemistry which they have leads to the same quick, over the top humor which made the first film so funny. There were a few jokes which carry across from the previous film, which work just as well in this film. This is not just an adventure film, it’s a comedy, and that’s something which is does very well – largely thanks to the comic heavy weights working in this film.

The writers were able to take what should essentially be the same story as the first film and put a new twist on it which was great to see. The fact that they are entering a game means that the scope for the story could have been limited. They dealt with that quite well but the story which they came up with, isn’t as far as I’m concerned as strong as the first film. We also don’t see as much of the jeopardy and risk which the first film saw with the life counters so I think what this films was mostly missing, was excitement.

Yes it was pretty funny.

Yes the effects (especially of most of the animals) are pretty good

But it’s an adventure film… It should be exciting! This is where the disappointment in this film comes from. Especially as there should have been even more scope for jeopardy thanks to the extra characters.

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