Thundercats Roar Review

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Uhmmmmm… What the hell is this?

If you were hoping for something to remind you of your childhood and reminisce about everything which was amazing about this golden age of cartoons… I’ve got bad news for you. You’ll be doing none of that!

It does feature parts of the original Thundercats… the names of their home planet, some of the Thundercats… and, I guess they kept their amazing logo too! other than that it’s some kind of weird mashup of every crazy cartoon of the past 10 years! It feels like it has parts of Teen Titans Go, Invader Zim, Uni Kitty, the Ren & Simpy Show and Adventure Time.

It’s just so dumb!

The comedy is absolutely idiotic, the voices make the characters sound like idiots… because they are, the animation is really nothing special and the stories are essentially the same format retold each episode in a slightly different way.

It really is completely dumb!

But… and this is a big but, about which I cannot lie. It’s one of those absurd cartoons which you watch constantly questioning which drugs the writers and animators were experimenting with while working… But you just can’t help but keep it playing.

Why haven’t I turned this off yet? It’s definitely not because it’s ground breaking or actually good. Maybe it does evoke just enough nostalgia that you switch off the program in your head in order to think about the Thundercats from your childhood instead. That makes total sense, because I really can’t tell you exactly what happens for the duration of any episode I’ve seen… Just that I’ve seen some stuff.

Is this really what we were missing all these years from our tv watching experience… an absurd version of this:


No we were not.

Do yourselves a favour and ignore this absolute garbage so that you can use your time productively… watching the original, the only good Thundercats! You’ll thank me… It still looks just as good as you remember and in doing so looks 100 times better than this!

2 thoughts on “Thundercats Roar Review

  1. I’ve only seen the first two episodes of “ThunderCats Roar,” and that was it for me. It really feels nothing at all like “ThunderCats” as a whole. I appreciate your review on it and will heed your advice.


    1. I know that a lot of cartoons now are done in that hyperactive style and filled throughout with absolute absurdity… but putting the name Thundercats to this is nothing short of an injustice to the name! It doesn’t get any better the more episodes you watch lol.


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