Nerd News: “Quarantine” Episode of Red Dwarf with Commentary 7th April!

Dave are showing the classic Red Dwarf episode Quarantine (series 5, episode 4 if any one’s counting) as it seems to be so fitting at the moment… And if you can’t have a laugh while you’re stuck indoors what can you do!

At the same time though (9:40 pm on Dave) they will have a live twitter commentary with Doug Naylor, the cast (they haven’t announced exactly who yet – hopefully all of the lads) and some surprise guests. They’re all genuinely funny people so I think it will be great and I for one can’t wait. It’s one of those classic episodes everyone remembers anyway – Rimmers outfit is just amazing!

Just make sure to have the Dave Twitter feed open during the episode!

By the way, who’s insanely excited for the premier of “The Promised Land” on Thursday? If you’re interested and want to see it, they did release the first 5 minutes-ish of this feature length episode a few days ago which you can see below:

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