Funko x Playmobil Collectible Figure; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo

I’d seen these figures on the Funko app a couple of times although never for sale in the UK and never came across them on the internet either (although now that I have one, I have searched on ebay and they do come up now and again)… but then there aren’t that many of these about! A quick look on the funko app shows that the brand only has 12 products with there being 3 commons in this turtles line as well as an Entertainment Earth exclusive Raphael.

The figure I found however was Leonardo, although in the shop (A Space Oddity in Amsterdam) they also had Michelangelo and I really regret not having picked up both, but I had limited luggage space and another shop to visit after that one (which turned out to be a total bust by the way). I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them hanging on the wall… Not just at how cool they look but also at the price. I paid just 12.99 Eur of this guy!

Having seen playmobil figures plenty of times I was expecting something pretty small, but I didn’t even realise what it was in the first seconds because the packaging is 26cm high! I believe the figure itself is about 15cm tall which is twice the size of a normal playmobil figure!

By doing them this size, they don’t use the opportunity to add loads more detail… I recon the detail level would be about the same (at least for this set) if it was just 7.5cm tall, but what they gain is a product which doesn’t look like a tiny figure – this compares in size to a decent sized action figure in a blister pack! It is amazing for display purposes and I imagine that for kids, is also a really cool size to be played with. I can see this figure (in terms of presentation, quality and also price) being attractive to both collectors and kids. That’s why I’m so surprised that they don’t sell more and that the range isn’t bigger.

It does even say on the back, “this is a collectible” but I really do think that this would make a good toy. It does only appear to have 4 points of articulation so it’s not massively versatile, but on the other hand it does also come with 2 swords as accessories which could clip in to the hands. If you’ve never seen a playmobil figure, their hands are similar to big lego hands!

Even the packaging looks pretty cool! It’s a shame that these are sealed products because it means that I won’t take him out of the packaging! It’s not like a pop where i can just close the box up again. Maybe if I ever find another one for a very cheap price, maybe already out of the box.

Everything about this figure is pretty appealing and I’m genuinely considering going after the full brand range, although I’m not a big fan of Doctor Who, so not sure if I’ll actually end up going all the way.

They’re still Funko, they’re still stylised versions of our favourite fandoms… They’re just done in a slightly different way – and it works. I think this collaboration was a great idea and personally I’d love to see more. Even though I’ve not seen one in real life yet and that could change everything, I actually way prefer these over the Funko x Pez collaborations

Look out for more coming this way one day soon!

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