Hobo with a Shotgun Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I only just saw this for the first time, and… Where do I start? This is one weird film!

If you want a film which has little in the way of story, almost no meaningful dialogue, relatively poor acting throughout, awful (and I mean really awful) visual effects, over the top blood & (I would say gore but I’m going to settle on) gloop and an absolute ton of senseless violence, then this is the film for you! It is insanely violent with a huge amount of variety in how people get killed. Don’t let the name of the film fool you in to thinking people just get blown the hell up with shotgun shells!

There are some really corny but fun characters in this film, and whilst there is of course the hobo, played by Rutger Haur as the main character, I wouldn’t say he’s one of those characters. You don’t watch this film rooting for “the good guy”, you watch this film waiting to see how else the bad guys are going to kill people!

The best of those bad guys are the plague… 2 “people” in black armor on motorbikes who appear to be assassins or bounty hunters from way back when, and even have Jesus on their wall of victims. They do look very cool and to be honest I’d love to see a bit more of them!

So I’ve not sold this film very well, and I’ll be honest it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact most people would absolutely hate this film, because it just doesn’t have that many redeeming features. Its biggest redeeming feature however is the fact that it has no redeeming features, is absolute toilet and completely ridiculous! This is one of those times where a film is so terrible that it has become pretty good!

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