Star Wars Darth Vader Funko Pop (Futura Special Edition) Review

Character Background

It’s at this point where I would usually do a short background intro about the character. In this case, that character intro wouldn’t be a particularly short one, and quite frankly, if you have no idea who Darth Vader is… What are you even doing here? Get off the internet, you’re using up valuable bandwidth!

Of course Darth Vader is the sith alter ego of Anakin Skywalker – possibly the biggest ass of a Jedi you could ever hope for… Not the younglings Anakin! He is also one of the most iconic and badass movie villains of all time. Everything about him from the outfit (especially the helmet), light saber and of course breathing and voice are absolutely worthy of movie history!

So… I’m not going to bother going in to a load of details about who Darth Vader is. Instead let’s talk about this pop!

The Funko Pop Figure

There are a few Darth Vader funko pops, and in terms of the sculpt, this one doesn’t do anything particularly special. He has his hand out to choke someone with the force and other than that it is just a basic Darth Vader pose. He doesn’t need to be in the box, to remain instantly recognisable.

The level of detail in the sculpt is pretty good, which is handy as there aren’t really any colours which highlight the various parts of the body. The paintjob for this figure is used in a totally different way, and it is this paint which makes this figure that much more special!

The paint was designed by a street artist known as Futura, and he did a set of Star Wars figures. Now that I have seen this one I HAVE to get more from the set. It’s a relatively simple idea with simple colour choices, but it looks incredible… There’s just something about it which works! I also noticed, as I got 2 of these, that the paintjob on each one is very slightly different. On both of mine the locations of the red dots change a bit.

Pop Stack Delivery

I’m not sure if they thought that the value of this thing was going to go through the floor, but they actually came from the factory in Funko Pop Hard Stacks, which they were actually factory sealed in to. This was the first hard stack I ever received and I get the purpose… They keep your pop extra safe, especially in transit. But they make the pop look awful. They make them bigger than a figure without a protector or in a soft protector and reflect almost everything! They’re slightly better when you take the factor seal off.

I was really glad thought that I got 2. It means that one has remained sealed and is in a box to mature a little. The other one however can make public appearances now… Even without the box! For my own personal display I’m not going to start using any hard stacks what so ever.

Any Changes?

As I said, the only thing I changed was taking it out of the hard stack… Other than that these pops are incredible and look even better in real life! I want some more in the future and hope that Funko do more street artist alterations.

Value & Rarity

These figures aren’t overly rare, even though they’re a special edition which was supposedly exclusive to Target, Entertainment Earth and New York Comic Con. It only came out in 2019 so it’s not vaulted yet, and that’s why a quick online search means that you can get this at a half decent price. Right now the pop is trending on PPG (through the Funko app) at £21 so the value of one of my pops is more than half the value of both my pops put together… Scored pretty well!

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