Nerd News: Jon-Paul Kaiser New Figures @ ToyConUK 2020

Jon-Paul Kaiser is probably most widely known for his work on the Arcane Divination Dunny Series with J*RYU and Kidrobot, which he won an award for back in 2018. He has now announced a number of the items which will be on his stall (Booth 2) at Toy Con UK this weekend, 14th and 15th March.

Firstly is a set of 3.5 inch blossom Katatsumuri resin figures which are all hand painted and based on an old print of his:

As well as the pink colourway above, he will have a one of a kind version as well, which is much darker (in colour and spirit) which he has called Kokuō Katatsumuri, the mistress of the darkest blossoms:

Another figure which he will have on his stall was originally designed by WheresChappell (who is an awesome artist in himself) with his own style added in the paint work:

Finally an item of his which will be on sale during the weekend but on another stall (booth 22, run by Muffin Man Sculpts), as he did an amazing paint job on what is also a really cool little robin sculpture:

Can’t wait to see these in the flesh this weekend which promises to be an incredible event filled to the brim with amazing talent. Go get those juices flowing by checking out his social media pages and website below where these amazing photos are from:




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