Nerd News: Nema Studios Announce Toy Con UK 2020 Exclusives

With Toy Con UK just around the corner, on 14th and 15th March 2020, British indie toy company Nema Studios have announced their own exclusive products for the show – and they’re a real treat! So what are they going to be offering?

Bubblegum Card Inspired Action Figures

2 figures limited to 8 each depict Twilight Keeper Deathlatron and Architect of Fear Flightless, displayed on original art backing cards and complete with their own retro style bubblegum cards.

Duck Boy Alternative Versions

Their Duck Boy character has been transformed in 2 new versions, limited to 5 of each. First there is Battle Duck and then Duckthor.

Knoxster Colour Way

The Knoxster character is transformed in to a detective, and this new colour way is limited to just 2 pieces! These guys really know how to do limited edition!

Modelling their 2019 T-Shirt

Based on a t-shirt which they launched in 2019 to show a blueprint of their Flightless character toy, specifically the Z Dimension Bounty Hunter. Presented on a custom backing card, this is limited to 4 pieces (and just so happens to be my favourite out of the selection on offer).

Duck Boy Triple Set

The Assassin, Deathlatron and Flightless characters have been reimagined and hand painted as The Foot, Shredder and Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sold as a single triple set.

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