Funko Pop Hunting & Much More at a Space Oddity; Amsterdam

Prinsengracht 204, 1016 HD Amsterdam, Netherlands

On my last day in Amsterdam I checked out Henk’s Comics and it was amazing for Funko Pops – you can read more about it here. Being a comic book store it focused on those pops, a few other nice action figures, and a lot of literature… It’s a great place by the red light district to start your pop hunt when you come to Amsterdam. But if you want something a bit more unusual – especially toys of an older heritage then A Space Oddity is the place to explore.

Based at 204 Prinsengracht, a bit of a walk away from the main strip in Amsterdam, you’ll find a small treasure trove of vinyl… And it really is a small place! As you head in there is a thin walkway with the till to the left and right away a selection of action figures on the right and a cabinet of old toys such as robots just behind you as you come in. Then you have two options ahead of you.

Go up the stairs to the right for model kits, Asian statues and a really cool selection of small toys in cabinets. These are mainly things like Roblox, pint size heroes and mystery minis, both out of the box, and all sorts of other small figures. This area is full of colour and you could spend an hour there finding new little treats to feast your eyes on, but I don’t personally collect many of the things in this top section so I can’t comment too much more to be honest… So let’s pop back downstairs, and then further down on the left to the really exciting area!

On the walls are a really coll selection of action figures, hanging blind bags and something I’d never seen before in the flesh and had never been interested in at all from photos – Funko Pop x Playmobil products. In particular they just had a couple of ninja turtles, and along with a couple of pint size heroes, this is all I purchased, and will take a closer look at it another time for you.

The rest of the items you’ll be a little more familiar with down here are all their pops (with the exception of a few anime ones upstairs). There are all sorts of different pops available, and the ones which stood out the most for me (although most of them were pretty unusual) were the space invaders ones, which look absolutely incredible. Id I’d had more space in my luggage I would definitely have purchased a couple of these beauties.

Just as you look around a couple more cabinets you turn around ready to pay before seeing even more items in baskets under the stairs, and this is where this shop becomes really different to the usual collectibles stores. These days most of what you see in shops is Funko pops and action figures in mint boxes, because that’s what collectors want. But here you can also find all sorts of figures and pez dispensers (not new Funko Pez ones as you find in collections now, but original pez dispensers out of the packaging). If you want to find some true treasures this is where to have a dig through. Again I don’t collect these myself so these were a bit lost on me, but it was still fun to take a look.

I spoke briefly to the guy who was running the place, who I think may be the owner, but he was a really nice guy to deal with and was having a nice chat with just about everyone who came in – and it looked like quite a few people had come to seek this place out. But just as I was paying you look behind the counter and there are even more items for sale, including what looked to be some of their more high end Funko pops, such as a few different exclsuives.

All in all, this is an absolutely awesome shop, where you won’t find the quantity as you will back in the city center but you’ll find not only a very different shopping experience, but also a lot of little nick knacks you may never have known about… What an opportunity to see what lurks in some of those blind bags and spur you on to starting to collect those – or maybe there are some figures here which you’ve been hunting for and there they are, out of the bag and in all their glory!

Check out just a tiny sample of what they have available on their website (their news section is great for some photos of their more unusual bits):

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