Funko Pop Hunting at Henk’s Comics in Amsterdam

Zeedijk 101, 1012 BG Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’d seen some pictures of the funko pop area of this shop in the heart of Amsterdam and decided that I HAD to visit it at some point during my short trip to the city. I was only over there for business so thought to myself that I’d go there in the afternoon after arriving, but sadly my flight was delayed and I didn’t arrive until the evening. The course I was attending for work went until 6pm every night so I was really glad to get some time on my last afternoon.

At this point I realised that actually it was probably a good thing that I didn’t get to visit the shop on my arrival day, because otherwise I’d have had to go back twice! Just one visit was good enough – if you’re a pop collector, then this is a dangerous shop to visit… Especially if you’re flying in!

At its core it’s a comic book shop and the selection of comics and manga looked really good but to be honest I don’t collect or read either so I can’t really comment too much on these – all their comic customers looked pretty happy though!

As you walk in however you are met immediately by their action figures, mystery minis, busts etc, as well as a selection of their own mystery bags. I’m not sure what was in the bigger bags (possibly some kind of toy) but they looked like they had some comic book mystery bags as well which you don’t see too often. Well, at least I don’t.

What I came here for though were the pops, and having walked past it one night I knew that there was at least one pop I wanted – Marilyn Manson.
In Kent, or my little corner of Kent in the UK there aren’t too many places to get pops, and when you do find them, they’re from chain stores so there’s a lot of Harry Potter, Marvel, Batman, Dragon Ball Z, Game of Thrones – you know the sort of selection I’m talking about. And, of course you’ll find those same pops at Henks…. Of course you will, that’s what most people want, you just need to look at the most popular pops on the Funko app last year to know that’s where the money is!

However, as with the Marilyn Manson pop, the shop was a treasure trove of pops which I just don’t see in my high street stores! Just to get that out of the way, I picked up that Manson pop along with the MTv Moon Person (and at the risk of sounding like an ass it annoys me that they changed it to Moon Person – it’s the MTv Moon Man, and there is nothing sexist or politically incorrect about that – I think it’s more politically incorrect to assume that women would be so insecure to need that level of acceptance. We all know that women can be astronauts! Sorry rant over! Correct me in the comments if you think I’m wrong and that all icons, male or female which have had a gender attached to them for many years need to be rebranded) and the FYE exclusive version of Major from Ghost in a Shell. As Henk pointed out when I paid, I got all the M’s which I hadn’t even realised.

These are all pops which aren’t worth a huge amount on the Funko app, but that’s an American price guide and in the UK these are 3 pops you just don’t see in every shop. I’d never seen any of them in person and am so happy that I found them!

There were plenty of other examples too which I hadn’t seen before so it was lucky that I knew that I had to try and fit them in to an already almost full suitcase! There are an insane number of pops here – the biggest selection I have personally ever seen, but again I’ve never been pop hunting in the States before – that’s coming in the end of the year (let me know a good spot or two in Manhattan if you know any), so you really need to take your time, look hard and move some pops around to see behind and below them.

Other pops I found which I hadn’t seen (in the flesh) before included the green predator hound, a few kiss pops, the orange Conan (which I really wish I’d purchased as I’ve wanted it for a long time and it was cheaper than I’d seen on ebay before but I just didn’t have room for it), the new drag queen line (which actually look incredible in the flesh – I have no idea who they are, but they are a really cool set of pops), the coca cola bear (which is amazing and I want it bad, but I’ve seen this one cheaper online so saved my bag space), the camouflaged predator, a few star trek characters and man, MANY more. It really is an incredible range of pops. I could have stayed there for hours photographing them, but had some other places to see.

The price was pretty good, about normal retail on most of it, but for the Major pop, I actually got this one half price, so just 9.99 Eur.

I did get a bit worried about them in my luggage as putting them in my hand luggage was a squeeze – so as I’m writing this on the plane I’ve actually just got Manson left in my bag which is good cause I needed some space for gifts at the airport! I did see a pop stack while I was paying but don’t use these due to the price, but then also spotted some soft protectors. They sell 2 thicknesses (one for 1.50 and one for 2.50 Eur), so I got 3 of the thicker protectors too and have my fingers crossed that they make it through the flight ok. They were pretty sturdy protectors and thankfully already came without the horrible plastic sheet covering that takes hours to peel off when you have a few pops to store.

All paid up and after a brief chat with Henk, I decided to make a break for it before spending any more cash before double taking in one of the cabinets on the way out. Something which I didn’t knew even existed caught my eye. An Ash (from Ash vs Evil Dead) Funko Pocket Pop. I don’t really like Pocket pops, I think they’re flimsy out of the packet so would never use one and don’t think they display that well because the boxes are rarely nice and straight (a mixture of using thick card and making a tiny box), but I do have the full Ash vs Evil Dead set and the individual Evil Dead ash as well, so this rounded off that collection quite well. As its not a hugely common one it was a little more pricey but at 11 Eur I wasn’t going to walk away!

A really nice bunch of people with a passion for amazing product quality and selection. You need to go here if you head over to Amsterdam and it’s so easy to find…. It’s a street along from the Red Light district! Not the sort of place you expect to see a toy shop… Well at least not this kind of toy shop – There’s all sorts of other weird and wonderful “toy shops” just inside the red light light district!

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