Funko Hikari XS Darth Vader

The pop range is of course by far the most popular product type for Funko, and their Hikari range often gets left behind. The two biggest reasons for this is often that people think that the Hikari range is too expensive and too big. This figure, I think shows this to be completely false, so why aren’t more people collecting these!

This particular figure is the black colour variation and it came as part of a Star Wars smugglers bounty box, which means that you can pick them up fairly cheaply second hand… Although the drawback of that is that you might end up like me with half of one of the sides being unglued on the box… Although hopefully I should be able to re-glue it! Whilst the black colour variation (which is covered in tiny silver specs add some pazzaz) is my favourite version of Darth Vader, it does also come in red, silver, blue and gold. One thing which all the colour variations have got in common is that they’re very slightly see-through.

I absolutely love the effect of these figures and both the figure and the boxes are (size wise) somewhere between Funko’s pop figures and their Dorbz, which means that they fit in pretty well among either type of collection.

There’s something a little more special about the Hikari range once you get them out of the box, and their mini versions are no different! The plastic is much lighter and more flexible than that which the Dorbz are made of, and it is partly this material cost which contributes to their slightly higher price. I’m not sure if I agree with some people that they feel more expensive (with a full sized Hikari, yes, but not at this size), but what I will say is that I love the smell of these guys. They have that new plastic smell!

There’s really not much else to say about this figure… Other than that I want to collect the full range of colours now, and I’d rather have the full set of these than any of the Darth Vader Funko pop figures. Even the cute design itself feels like it’s half way between a pop and a dorbz with just a single colour throughout the figure… Kind of like a proto with a bit of bling.

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