A Couple of Pop in a Box Damaged Mystery Boxes

To start off I wanted to mention that this was meant to be my first unboxing video on Youtube. I had everything set up, took hours to get the lighting ok and camera set up, got nervous and then really go in to the swing of things. I stopped the recording, tried to open it in a video editor, and wouldn’t you know it – the file was corrupt! Really bummed about that as it was a pretty fun video to make, but it is what it is, and I’m still going to go through everything for you here. If you want one of these boxes for yourself you can order them here whilst stocks last!

Pop in a Box UK, every now and again have a sale where they feature damaged pops in a mystery box of 4 items per box at the price of £24.99 plus postage. They can include anything from common pops to pop rides, pop town, movie moments, dorbz, exclusives, anything – but what they all have in common is that they have some kind of damage. You might recall seeing my South Park Toolshed pop come with a bit of damage from Pop in a Box, so I expect that everything SHOULD really be more damaged than that, or it just somehow slipped through their quality control.

I’m going to try and go through them in the order I pulled them out of the box. However I’ll first mention that I purchased 2 boxes so was expecting to get 2 boxes, but instead all 8 figures were sent in a single box. I think this means that they have a big bin filled with damaged products and they then fill boxes as they are ordered. I would have preferred if they have all of these damaged mystery boxes made up in single boxes and if you buy two… they send you two mystery boxes. The reason for this I’ll go through right at the end after I unpacked the last figure.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that even though I got this on pop in a box UK, the mystery boxes came from the USA, so took around a week or so to arrive.

Free Gift

I got 2 boxes for a couple of reasons. First, because I wanted this to be an unboxing video I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of content so wanted to unpack 8 figures rather than 4. But also they always have some special offers (one is usually buy 2 pops for £18.99, which you can find here), with these boxes being included in the spend £40 to get a free gift offer which I don’t think they have anymore at the moment.

I was pleasantly surprised by this offer as it gave you a bunch of pops to choose from and a mystery option which included giving your size, so I guess it was clothing. I liked the idea of picking my gift and ended up with POP Movies no. 219 Bruce Lee, one of the matte gold colored figures. It comes in a cool box, I quite like the matte gold look (way more than chrome) and he has a pretty cool pose too.

Value £12 – As he is new, the box was in perfect condition. This one also didn’t come from the states so was with me after just a couple of days after order.

Arya Stark (Pop no. 79)

I don’t collect Game of Thrones pops myself, because I’m one of the few people who never actually liked the show. My wife does, and I know that due to it’s popularity, a lot of people collect the pops. As such this is for sure a common and won’t be worth very much. The pose reminds me a bit of the Star Wars Pretorian guard, but is a pretty cool pop.

The damage on this pop was not too bad, just a little roll on one of the bottom corners at the back.

Value £6 – The damaged corner can’t take too much away from this price, so in reality I would guess it is still about a £5 pop.

Holiday Groot (Pop no. 530)

Again, this is not a line I collect. I like to have my pops out on display all the time but I also don’t like my Christmas stuff to stay on display too far in to the new year, so the two just don’t mix. Also I always thought that this one in particular looked a bit tacky and dare I say cheap, especially as it barely fills the window part of the box. I certainly wouldn’t choose to buy this pop.

The damage on this pop was a compression in the bottom front corner on the right, so in a pretty prominent position as well as a tear in a corner of the lid.

Value £9 – I was surprised that it was as high as this but I know that the Marvel pops have been super popular lately. The holiday pops are mostly displayed out of the box from what I have seen so it won’t affect the price too much but I think I’d be lucky to get more then £7 or so.

Dart (Television no. 601)

I collect quite a few of the Stranger Things sets so this was the first mystery item I was actually excited about, as it’s a really cool looking pop (although again it barely fills the window of the box) and I didn’t have it yet. I’m an in the box collector and this is still going on display in my collection because the back of the box just has a wrinkle in one of the lid corners.

Value £4 – the fact that it’s damaged can’t do an awful lot more to the price, so I think that’s about the actual value.

Spongebob Squarepants (Animation no. 453)

So this was another holiday pop… 2 in a single box, which for me was a bit of a kick in the teeth, BUT my wife collects Spongebob (I personally can’t stand it), and she actually already has the Patrick with a candy cane which means she can complete this 2 part set.

The damage to this pop isn’t that obvious and you could display it from the front without worrying about damage, This pop has had the back pushed in slightly, warping the whole box a little.

Value £7 – I can’t imagine that the light damage to the back of the box is going to affect the price very much… Although I’m going to be holding on to this guy anyway.

Iron Spider (Pop no. 574)

Again, Marvell is not something I collect that much, although I have got a few. Out of the Marvel franchise, to be honest Spider Man is probably one of my least favorites, although this particular version of the character is probably one of the better versions. It was in the top 10 most added to the Funko app wish list in 2019 and it is a very cool pop. There’s a lot going on with it, its very detailed and I really like that it’s metallic. However, it’s still not a pop I ever wanted as such, and to be honest the box is pretty beat up!

Value £9 – So one of the more expensive ones, which surprised me considering how popular it was, so I guess there are a lot of these around. The damage is pretty bad to the box though, so I can’t see this being worth selling in the box. I might put it in one of my displays out of the box.

Stan Lee (Patina) (Icons no. 07)

To be honest out of the mystery box items this is probably my favorite and one of only 2 which I took off my wish list during this unboxing (along with Dart). I really love the patina finish, I think it adds a really nice classy finish to these figures which really changes their feel and makes them seem a lot more high end than the normal pop designs. Certainly the best of the single color wash variations.

I have liked this pop since it came out but for some reason just never got round to buying it, I think because it was always online and I had never actually seen it in the flesh. So I’m pretty happy with this find.

Value £ 5 – The back of the box is shot though, it’s got a really significant dent in the bottom of the back panel. I will see whether it looks ok once I put it in a soft protector as the front looks alright, or he might need to be displayed out of the box. We’ll see, but either way he is staying in my collection!

Gimli (Movies no. 629)

I don’t collect any of the Lord of the Rings pops, and even though the films are ok, I’m not a big fan of the franchise as a whole. If I had to pick a favourite character from the films, Gimli however would be amongst those. It’s a really nice chunky, solid pop as well, with a nice level of detail – even though he isn’t any smaller than other standard pops, because of the detail tying him to the role, and the proportions, you can see that he is the dwarf character from Lord of the Rings, so I think they handled that really well.

The damage on this box is very slight, with a small tear on the back of the box, so i don’t think I’ll be holding on to this one.

Value £6 – and I don’t think the damage will affect that hugely. I would guess that I will most likely be able to sell it on for £4 – £5.

Night King & Icy Viserion (Pop Rides no. 58)

I don’t collect rides or Game of Thrones, although my wife does have a couple in her collection, but I’ve seen this one around a few times and it is a very cool figure. The level of detail in both the night king, but even more importantly the dragon is out of this world. I think because it is a larger figure they’ve been able to put in a lot of detail without it looking crowded. It’s a glow in the dark version too which is a nice extra.

The damage on this is pretty bad though and it’s something I’ve seen a few times in larger boxes where the bigger windows just end up getting pushed in. They could be repaired but this box has one even bigger problem which is that some (presumably at pop in a box) cut the outer packaging of this product with a knife to get to the figures inside, maybe not realising that these were rides, and scored the top of the box. This box is beyond repair and because of the positioning is probably the most badly damage of the lot.

Value £9 – It’s not worth a lot, and with the box as it is, that part is not at all worth keeping so I’ll throw that away. That’s going to affect the price of this pop, and then wit7h postage as well i can’t see this being worth selling at all! I’ll unbox it and keep it somewhere in my collection – it’s definitely a cool piece.

At the start of the article I wrote that I didn’t like that all 8 figures were in one box and that I would explain more at the end. The problem is that if they pre pack these figures with 4 in a box, seal those boxes and send them out at random, it randomizes how many pop rides, movie moments, over-sized and exclusive pops people end up with. If they had done it that way could it have been that I might have ended up with 2 boxes with rides etc in, rather than getting 7 common standard pops and 1 ride? Of course I could have in that way ended up with 8 standard pops but I wouldn’t be given the opportunity to have this doubt creep in my mind.

To be honest though this is my only criticism of these boxes. Considering the pops I got (if they were in good condition) were worth a total of £55, if you then take in to consideration the reduced value due to the boxes I probably only lost a few pound on this order which cost me just over £52 with shipping. If I was an out of box collector I would actually have broken even, and looking at some of the pops I received, I can see how it is possible to maybe even come up trumps – but that’s the gamble and fun of a mystery box right? On my particular order however I did also qualify for the free gift, so me… I actually came up with a slight profit even with 8 out of 9 pops being damaged.

It’s worth mentioning too that these pops all have damaged boxes… none of the pops had any damage on the figures themselves so these really are perfect for out of the box collectors, especially if you’re still starting out and as that decreases your chance of getting duplicates where this doesn’t tie in to their pop tracker feature.

I would absolutely recommend these if you’ve got a spare £25 and want to have a bit of fun with pops! I just really am disappointed that my computer system didn’t save my video unboxing of these!

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