Rambo: Last Blood Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Holy crap! I’m a big Stallone fan, especially the Expendables and Rambo films, I honestly think this style is what he does best, and that he is probably also the best in the business when it comes to that style of action… And as he’s gotten older, he definitely hasn’t got any worse – messed up in the head, maybe, but worse, no! If like me you love action films of that sort of caliber, you might as well stop reading and just go watch this film… It is THAT good!

This film goes a bit beyond just an action movie, but it does follow the Rambo recipe for success pretty well. It’s an all out action revenge flick, and its stacked to the ceiling with both!

Many critics said that it’s too violent… yeah it is ridiculously violent! I mean really REALLY violent, BUT that didn’t ruin the film. It should never have been used as a reason for people to say it’s a bad film – it’s not. What it is, is an absolute masterclass in special effects. It is an encyclopedia of guerrilla warfare, just as you’d expect and want from a Rambo film. I think it’s completely conceivable that Stallone said to his SFX team, here’s a load of cash – tell me if you need more… Now how many different ways can you think of to kill people, and then how many variations of that technique can you execute (no pun intended)?

As you can see from the trailer, we’ve got guns (all sorts of the things), booby traps (again in all shapes and sizes), explosions, knives (plenty of knives from star to finish), fire, bare hands and of course arrows!

A lot of people also complained about the story, but again it’s the general Rambo recipe of Rambo being done wrong and him going out of his way to exact sweet, violent, revenge! There were a couple of bits which I didn’t think quite got answered, although maybe I missed it. For example I’m still not 100% sure whether the woman in his house was just the house keeper, something more, or a bit of both, and whether his niece is actually his niece (in which case whose daughter is she?) or just a family friend… Don’t worry that’s not a spoiler – where these two come from has no importance to the story and you find out they exist within minutes of the film starting – I just have no idea exactly who they are!

As a result it’s a bit predictable and it doesn’t have a huge amount of substance, but who really watches a Rambo film for the gripping story line? If your answer was, I do… Who the hell are you kidding? Be honest, are you really just waiting to see 2 eyes suddenly appear in the mud behind some guy in the forest? Of course you are!

I don’t know what else you need to hear from me to be honest!

This film is balls to the wall action and each one of those walls is plastered in blood and entrails… Seriously, most slasher films could learn a thing or two from this movie, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I recon it’s certainly one of the best Rambo films in the series, which naturally makes it one of the best action films out there – just don’t over think it and remember what you came for – action! Screw the plot, sit back and enjoy!

Oh and of course for a 70-odd year old man, Stallone looks ridiculously good!

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