Good Boys Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Now that it’s out on the Sky store I purchased Good Boys, or as it probably should be called, Super Bad: Episode One… Seriously, it’s a movie where 3 friends (an adorable dork, an annoying unpopular one who tries too hard and the quiet nerd who everyone seems to start liking) embark on a quest to get a beer on their way to a party where there will be girls and then proceed to cause all sorts of trouble on the way…

Guess what – they even meet a friendly cop on the way!

The trailer for this movie looked incredible! It has it all, kids swearing, sex jokes… lots of them, drug references and senseless injuries followed by awesome over the top reactions.

But the problem with the movie is that the film seems to be all those jokes from the trailer, with a load of filler in-between each one, and some of them didn’t actually make it from the trailer to the final movie.

I found myself in a bit of a predicament because I have to admit that 3 would be too low – it’s definitely an above average film. The humor is on point and the fact that the kids are so young, just makes it that much funnier… The tampon joke in the trailer wouldn’t have worked with older kids, and beyond that there is so much more which just wouldn’t have been right with teenagers. But is it original enough to be a good film? I really don’t think so.

I thought it looked great so I got the Sky store package with the DVD… That’s £4 extra I really shouldn’t have bothered spending! I’m not likely to watch this again – If I want a real laugh I’ll watch a selection of different trailers for it which is essentially a best of compilation of all the jokes.

I really would recommend watching it, but just don’t go out of your way to purchase it. if you can rent it, that’ll be your better option. I must say I would like to see more from these guys. As a group of friends they gel really well, and the humor is laugh out loud funny. I’d just like to see them in a way more original story that will let us get behind them as characters.

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