20 Best Funko Pops Announced in 2019

Below is my personal list of the best 20 Funko pops announced in the past year. I say announced because some of them might not hit the shelves until 2020, and all of them are taken from the Funko website so might miss a few exclusives or chase versions from other sites. There have been a lot of pops announced in the past 12 months, the company is really blowing up, so choosing 20 was tough… Originally I was only going to do a top 10!

These are in no particular order, other than the top ones being older than the bottom ones (although it’s not strictly in date order either), and I’m not going to go in to why I like them, as the reason for each will pretty much be, “just because I do”.

1 – Pop! Disney: Blue & Purple Mickey Mouse (Funko shop exclusive)

2 – Pop! Icons: KFC – Colonel Sanders (Common version)

3 – Pop! Animation: Angel Betty Boop

4 – Pop! Heroes: DC – The Joker (Death of the Family)

5 – Pop! Icons: Stan Lee (Patina)

6 – Pop! Disney: Orange & Teal Mickey Mouse (Funko shop exclusive)

7 – Pop! Games: Fallout 76 – Excavator Armor (E3 GameStop exclusive)

8 – Pop! TV: Crocodile Hunter—Steve Irwin (Common version)

9 – Pop! Conan dressed as Pennywise (SDCC 2019 exclusive)

10 – Pop! Funko: Fantastik Plastik – Rocko Billy (Purple Funko shop exclusive)

11 – Pop! Games: Warhammer 40K- Primaris Intercessor (DIY Warhammer & Games Workshop exclusive)

12 – Pop! Marty McFly (2019 NYCC Exclusive)

13 – Pop! Ad Icons – Coca-Cola Polar Bear

14 – Pop! Ad Icons: Big Boy (10” Funko shop exclusive)

15 – Pop! Funko: Fantastik Plastik – Luthor (Funko shop exclusive)

16 – Pop! Ad Icons: Fruit Loops – Metallic Toucan Sam (Funko shop exclusive)

17 – Pop! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Knight of Ren (Scythe) (Funko shop exclusive)

18 – Pop! Movies: Terminator Dark Fate – T-800 (Battle) (Funko shop exclusive)

19 – Pop! Movies—John Wick (with dog)

20 – Pop! Myths: Jackalope (Funko shop exclusive)

What were your favorite announcements of the year? I know there were a LOT and I’ve missed a huge number… I think i could have easily done a top 30 or 40 of the year as it really has been a busy one! Especially if I’d have also included movie moments or rides in this list.

All these images are taken from the Funko blog, which is well worth keeping your eye on!


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