World’s Smallest Hot Wheels (Fast Fish 2008) Review

I don’t collect toy cars usually, with this only being my second one. The other is a Greenlight Walking Dead die cast car which I only got as I needed something related to Sophia (Carol’s daughter) to get signed. However I saw this little thing today in a Micromania-Zing shop while on a business trip to Poitiers in France… Even when I’m travelling for work (which has nothing to do with blogging or toys by the way), I just can’t help myself. I only went in the shop for the Funko pops!

So why did I buy this?

It’s just really cool… There’s nothing more to it!

I don’t know if I’ll get any more because cars (toy or otherwise) don’t interest me enough to collect them for the sake of the cars, but I did want one in my collection.

The display is pretty cool, which is lucky because it wouldn’t be much without it! Without the packaging it’s a tiny toy car barely bigger than my thumbnail, and for many a woman out there I’d guess that its smaller than their manicured nails. Never the less is has a cool and pretty accurate paint job, with a base colour of orange with some black highlights. Beyond that the detail starts to dwindle a little, with the wheels looking like they turn but being pretty basic – as you’d expect from something which could fit in to the hole in a polo mint with wiggle room! As for the undercarriage and exhaust pipes, they’re pretty much non existent.

But again, come back to the packaging and it makes for a really fun little display piece!

There is a first layer of packaging which the car sits in and its a hard plastic case barely bigger than the car. This is then mounted on to a small backing card to suit the size. This has a really cool old school feel to it making it seem like a retro toy, which is weird because the car appears to be from 2008?

This packaging, which is meant to represent the original packaging as it shows an opening bonnet for starters, which there is no way this one does!, then sits inside another blister pack without a full backing card. The small card sort of floats in the middle while the bottom of the larger pack continues the theme of the smaller Hot Wheels pack, while the top has matching artwork representing the product range.

It’s quite a cool concept as its a product range called World’s Smallest, which is produced by Super Impulse on behalf of Bandai with the product being a replica of a Mattel product in their Hot Wheels range… Yeah I know!

Again I don’t know if I’d get more, but if I saw any more of them (there are 9 in the Hot Wheels range according to the back of the pack) at a decent price (they’re a pocket money price range product) I’d think about it just to bolster my display a bit.

All in all a really fun little item which adds a talking point to any collection if anything else!

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