Pop in a Box Subscription Service

When I found pop in a box I absolutely loved the website, and to be fair, I still can’t and won’t fault their selection. I will start this by saying that as a provider of Funko products they are one of the best sellers in the UK, and I still have my account, I will still keep ordering from them and I will still keep recommending them. In fact let me start by doing so and giving you my referral link:


I think that generally speaking the pops on the site are a very reasonable price, and they often have quite a few of the new ones available to buy or pre-order. Between them, Zavvi and EMP I think we have the 3 best pop sellers in the UK right there. However, this post is just about their subscription service – which I have just cancelled.

I think that a part of the problem is that I am at a stage in my collection where I am re-thinking it due to space constraints and feeling a little negatively about the sheer quantity of pops out there and their blatant misuse of terms such as special edition and exclusive – which you can read more about here. I think that this subscription service would still work perfectly for people who are very much still starting their collections or are collecting a really wide range of sets.

Pop Tracker

One thing which I liked the most about it is the pop tracker, which lets you go through their whole range (which takes a long time) and say for each pop whether you want it, don’t want it or have it already. That in itself is pretty fun although you can’t use it as an alternative to the Funko app for tracking your collection as their catalog is far from complete – especially with vaulted items and items not released in the UK.

However, their pop tracker doesn’t seem to be fool proof. I noticed this on the most recent subscription box I had arrive which was Pop number 20 (although according to Pop in a Box it is #21), South park, Toolshed. Following a short search of the site I found this pop and even though they had sent it to me (so they must know that I have it), it was still showing as I want rather than I have. You’d think, where it can it would auto update your collection.


So this one is one of the main reasons why I stopped the service, because even though many of the pops are really good value (especially within the UK market), the blind box isn’t quite as much… And that might be because their other pops are such good value. Again, I’m going to use my latest delivery as a perfect example of that.

The subscription box costs £9.99 (RRP £10.99) which is the same price as what the Toolshed pop usually is. However as a member, when making an order you automatically save 10% so the pop, to buy on it’s own would actually cost me £8.99 – already I’m £1 down, but at this time of year, to add insult to injury, that pop was on sale, so looking at the website right now (9th December, so well after black Friday), the Toolshed pop currently costs just £6.49, but again I get 10% off, so I paid £9.99 for a pop I could have paid just £5.84 for… on the same website! That’s almost double the price, which quite frankly is absolutely crap!

Keeping in mind that it is sale season maybe they could have included either 2 cheap pops or made sure to include one of the higher price items. When subscribing and dedicating to giving a company a regular amount of money, that person should be taken advantage of and left out of pocket. Such a huge shame Pop in a Box, I think you dropped the ball big time this month.

Other niggles

There are a couple of bits which annoyed me a little bit beyond these as well, which I think, now that I know about them, would quite happily put up with for a special order but annoyed me when having a subscription box…

Your stuff won’t always come from the UK! Therefore you might see the pop sent out on the 27th of the month but then wait not 1 but 2 full weeks for it to arrive at your door. No warning of this, it just happens and when it does, man is it annoying! Especially when you wait 2 weeks and then it arrives all the way from the USA without any bubble wrap, so the box is a bit dinged up, and it ends up being a cheap pop you wanted but then later wished you’d not wasted a subscription month on!

I have noticed that the items which come from within the UK are better packaged and arrive safer than the items which get sent in from their American location.

So there are a few things which annoy me about Pop in a Box, that’s for sure, and yeah half of it came from my latest subscription box, which really was embarrassingly shockingly low value for money… But as far as the business goes, it really is one of the best options in the UK for buying pops, so I will definitely keep using them and I will keep recommending them to people. But with one big piece of advice, which is not to bother wasting your time on the monthly boxes. Use your money more wisely and buy what you want, when you want it.

If you can wait until black Friday, their deals are amazing, but some sold out SUPER quick, like Disney’s Jasmine for £0.99!

Use it wisely and Pop in a Box can be a great weapon in your pop hunting arsenal… Use it blindly, and it can leave you out of pocket while they double their profits on your lapses of concentration and excitement with picking your pop tracker.

For those of you interested by the way I got 2 boxes and that’s how little time I needed for the value to really annoy me, but I was very happy indeed with my first one which got me started on the DC Bombshells range.

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