Lora Zombie Unicorn Kiss (White)

I’ll start this off by saying that if this was just a white unicorn figure, with nothing else going for it, I wouldn’t have even looked twice as unicorns really don’t interest me one bit, however, look a little closer and you’ll see that this is a little more special than that!

It’s a 5″ tall figure, with my particular one being white. They are also available in black, pink and blue, all as singles or as a full set for a discounted price. Speaking of price, they’re usually $35 each (although I got mine cheaper during black Friday), or $80 for a full set of 4. I actually originally wanted the blue one because it looks the best and if you know anything about Lora Zombie you’ll know that blue is special colour amongst her works. However at the time of my purchase the blue one was sold out… It seems that in the mean time they’ve got it back in stock again!

Lora Zombie is an artist I’ve been following for about 5 years or so, since I had my DeviantArt account and have always wanted one of her pieces. Her paintings have always been a bit out of my price range, so seeing these was a great find and a great way for me to get some Lora Zombie work in to my collection. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have added it, if it wasn’t for the signature on the side… Yup, that’s right – they’re all hand signed… And Lora Zombie probably has the coolest signature you’ll ever find!

Even though I don’t really like unicorns, this one is pretty cool, maybe because it’s got a nice bulky body and the horn is really big – It’s not a dainty little thing, so will look perfect among items by Funko, KidRobot or Numskull – You’d never think that it’s the first and only vinyl toy she has designed, and I can only hope that there will be more designed in the future.

One thing which really helps is the design of the box as well, which looks perfect when displayed behind the figure as it’s not really a box you can display it inside, and it’s also not a particularly strong box made from relatively thin card…

This figure is too cool to keep in the box! I’ve got absolutely no plans to sell it – make sure you add it to your collection too!


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