Nerd News: 4 New Exclusives on Pop in a Box

Pop in a Box have just released 4 new exclusives on their shop, and one in particular is absolutely stunning! If you know me at all you’ll know that I’m a big Fallout nerd so the fact that they have a new Fallout 76 T-51 Power Armour in a gorgeous mint green got me very excited, and I’ve already ordered mine (along with some nice black Friday sale Fallout pops to drastically expand my Fallout pop collection).

Along with this they’ve also announced these 3 exclusives:

  • Rick & Morty get schwifty Morty
  • Men in Black International Agent M with Pawny
  • Marvel 80th anniversary Kraven the hunter

They’ve got some amazing black Friday deals at the moment which you can check out at the same time, with more still to be announced. Plus you can get 10% off all year long at Pop in a Box by signing up as a member – make sure to use referral code MARKUS-R3N on your first order if you do! Click the link below to get these awesome exclusives at just £14.99 each (or about £13.50 if you sign up and become a member).

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