Nerd News: Butchers Bluff Indiegogo Campaign Ends in Less than 48 Hours

I stumbled across this campaign a little while ago and was so impressed with the video they had made to accompany the campaign that I immediately signed up for the movie poster perk, and I can’t wait to have it hanging on my wall – almost as much as I can’t wait to actually see the movie as well!

The movie is, and has always been billed as a return to old school slasher movies, the likes of what we have always loved in the form of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Friday the 13th. In this sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll filled movie (as claimed by the Indiegogo page), the Hogman is going to be the next Leatherface, the Michael Myers of today, and I can’t wait to see him in action.

The video clip is already full of action and I know that the funding which they’re looking for is all going in to post production and if nothing else then they were looking to maybe even add in even more kills. Some of the perks even include being killed off by the Hogman. If I had the money and lived in the States, I would have LOVED that!

If however that sounds right up your street then head over to their Indiegogo campaign using the link below and make a contribution. There are amounts to suit any wallet and each comes with a cool perk, whether it’s as simple as just the movie, a poster or a tumbler right through to having a character named after you, meeting the cast or owning one of his weapons. A lot of the most awesome perks have already been taken (like the Hogman’s mask or appearing on a missing poster in the film – again I would have loved that!).

They have already reached their goal and have been trending on the front page for some time, and if you watch the clip below its EASY to see why – I absolutely cannot wait to see the film, and would love to score an interview with the Hogman – I think I missed out on their last media run, but got my fingers crossed for closer to the release date maybe? Even so, every penny they get from here-on can only go towards making this awesome looking movie look even better and potentially, as the kill count may go up, the length of the film and thereby the amount of time you can spend enjoying the Hogman’s rampage increases!

Everything about this film screams 80’s slasher, and after the way American Horror Story recently went with their 80’s style slasher series, and turned it in to something very different (I’m not going to spoil it here if you haven’t seen it yet), I’m so excited for something with a more purist approach!

When I wrote this there were under 48 hours left but I couldn’t see the official end time, so get over there right away and sign up, before it’s too late… Once the campaign is done, it’s done and you’ll miss out on being part of the birth of a classic.

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