Funko Pop Jargon Buster

Sometimes it feels like Funko have created their own langauge around their pop figures, but much of it is fairly common amongst collectors, especially collectible toys, so here are some of the words which might have you scratching your heads!

What is a BOBBLE HEAD Funko Pop?

Funko started out producing the Wacky Wobblers, a range of bobble head toys which usually had a small body with a large stylised head on top. Sounds familiar? Some of the Funko pop figures also retain this bobble head property, but not all of them. If you take one of the bobble head varieties out of the box, the head would wobble around on top of the body as it is sat on a spring.

What is a CHASE Funko Pop?

A chase pop is one which is a slight variant of another pop which has come out in a certain set. For example in the Labyrinth set the Jarreth figure has a chase variant which has glittery areas on the body. They will generally have a chase sticker on the front (which is round and has a yellow / golden colour) and are not exclusive to a certain shop. They will just be in amongst a box which is sent to a retailer and at the initial retail stage should cost the same as the other pops in that box. However as they are more limited in number they do increase in value. The rate of chase editions used to be around 1 in 36 pops, however now it is thought that as many as 1 in 6 pops off the production line are chase variants, however those figures are unverified!

What is a CHROME Funko Pop?

As the name implies, a chrome pop is one which has been covered in a very shiny metallic looking paint job. It’s not actual chrome and is not necessarily silver, with pink, purple, orange, gold, black, red, blue and green also being common chrome colour variants. These figures however have only that one colour coat with no other colours being visible.

What is an EXCLUSIVE Funko Pop?

An exclusive is a pop figure which is only available for sale from one place or retailer, however it does occur that the same exclusive might be released to other retailers as well. This is most likely due to lower than expected sales or increased demand, possibly in another part of the world which didn’t have access to the exclusive the first time around.

What is a FLOCKED Funko Pop?

Some pop figures (often, but not always, they will be chase or exclusive editions) will have the texture changed by adding a layer of fabric over the top of the vinyl to give the figure a furry feel, but without being a plush – they are still as solid as any other pop figure.


Funko Fundays are events organised by Funko to celebrate everything Funko. They are usually accompanied by exclusive items (which are generally also quite limited edition) such as special edition pops or even prototypes. The event happens annually and may coincide with another event, such as the 2019 one being at San Diego Comic Con. They also always have a specific theme, with 2019 being Freaky Tiki. They are very popular events which sell out in a matter of minutes online, if not quicker!


This is the protective box which is officially made and sold by Funko. Many protectors are made from flimsy plastic, but these are thick solid plastic which are all uniform in size allowing them to be easily and safely stacked on top of one another.


Funkoverse is a strategy board game which was developed and released by Funko in 2019, with the only real connection to Funko pop figures being the game pieces which are based on Funko pops.

What is a GRAIL Funko Pop?

There are 2 types of grail really. Firstly there is just the grail pop, which is any pop figure which the Funko collectors community sees as being rare / difficult to find / expensive etc. This would include items like the holographic darth maul (which many believe is the rarest and most expensive pop in the world), headless Ned Stark, metallic Ghostrider etc. However on the other hand there is also the personal grail, which is a figure which you as a collector have always wanted and consider as one of those items which you hunt for.


Movie moments may contain 1 or more Funko pop figure as part of a diorama (although the figure is not removable) depicting a famous or important scene from a movie. Some of these, like the Batman one below even have special features such as lights activated by a button. They are usually around the same size as the Funko rides.

What is an OVERSIZE Funko Pop?

A standard Funko Pop figure stands 3.75 inches tall, and an oversize is basically any figure which is bigger than this (not including rides and movie moments). The over size pops are usually in the range of 6 to 10 inches however recently a 19 inch batman Funko Pop was announced which would be their biggest one for sale. Much larger prop versions are often used at conventions and their store but these are not retail items.

What is a POCKET POP?

It’s essentially a Funko pop, the same as any other but about a third of the size and generally attached to a key ring. They have always been marketed as a way to take your Funko collection out with you. However recently the advent calendar was shown to contain pocket pops, which appear to be the same size as the key rings but without the key ring attachment.


It is essentially anything which you can put your Funko pop figure in to (usually designed to take the whole box), to keep it safe from dust and damage. They are mostly made from clear plastic of some type or thickness, however recently companies have become much more specialised in the type of products available.

What are Pop RIDES?

Rides are just Funko Pop figures on or in iconic rides which are associated with the character, such as Kit in Knight Rider or the Mystery Machine in Scooby Doo. It can also include less conventional rides such as the dragons in Game of Thrones.

What is a PROTO Funko Pop?

A proto is the abbreviation of a prototype. Of course as these go through the design process someone needs to produce a prototype, which is made using a variety of materials, and remain unpainted, which is why most prototypes have a variety of different colours on one item. These are usually removed from Funko property by the people who designed them or through some other channel, however they don’t always come with official Funko documentation depending on where they came from and whether it is a prototype which was close to the finished product or not, and as such, even though they sometimes look cool, they are easy to fake.

What are SUPERSIZE Pops?

Just another name for the oversize Funko pop – see above!

What is a VAULTED Funko Pop?

Some of the most popular pop figures seem to have an almost endless production run, however when an item has been vaulted it means that it has been retired from production, and theoretically there won’t be any more produced or released by Funko. If such figures are revisited they may get a slight overhaul or at the very least be boxed differently to differentiate them with the vaulted items.

Why are Funko Pops called VINYL figures?

Vinyl refers to polyvinyl chloride, or PVC which is the type of plastic which these figures are made from.

This is going to be an evolving document as I think of more terms which might be useful for people who are new to collecting pop figures. If you think of any please let me know and I’ll get them added!