A Trio of Things I Hate About Funko Pops

Before I say anything else, I want to start with letting you know (as you can see from this page and my social media pages)… I absolutely LOVE Funko Pops. They’re by far my favourite thing to collect and it’s a great passion which I share with my wife. The things I love about Funko Pop list would be a lot longer than this article, BUT there are a few things about pops which, on different levels, whether as a fan, a collector or a consumer, do get on my nerves!

They redefined the word exclusive

This is actually one of the things I first noticed which annoyed me and made me think that the pops are even more of a cash cow for Funko than I always knew they were anyway. You can see by the sheer volume of these for sale that they make great money, but there are 2 instances where this has cropped up recently.

1 – MCM London Comic Con Exclusives

On the adverts before MCM there were a few which had either a pop or a movie moment on the same advert as a Loungefly bag. Underneath these (whilst above it already said that it’s an MCM London exclusive), it said San Diego Comic Con exclusive… Really? You couldn’t even let us think that it might be a different product or that they are “exclusive to MCM in Europe”… You even left the San Diego tagline on the advert?

I understand that there is a chance that it is not a world wide exclusive but a European or British exclusive to make it possible to buy for people outside the US, but what has more likely happened is that they didn’t sell as well as expected and they then palmed them off on London instead. If it’s available at 2 different comic cons and advertised as exclusive at each show… it’s not exclusive to either show!

Also it may apply to the bags rather than the pops, but it does perfectly show the corporate way of thinking.

2 – Primark Exclusives

I rushed down to my local Primark (something I thought I’d never say) to pick up some of their exclusive pops. In particular I picked up Ursula for my wife, red Batman, orange chrome Hulk and Eleven. I didn’t see them come up at the top of the list on the Funko app so did a search after a little while as I like my app list to be up to date. What did I find I hear you ask!

  • Ursula exclusive to Box Lunch, D23 Expo and Primark
  • Hulk exclusive to Walmart (it doesn’t say Primark on the app yet, but it’s the same pop)
  • Eleven exclusive to Target (again it doesn’t say Primark yet)
  • Metallic red Batman exclusive to Target and Primark

The only other exclusive pop at Primark (out of 6) displayed as such on the app is Pinocchio who is also exclusive to Mama Mio and Pop in a Box.

How can that be? Something cannot be exclusive to more than one retailer… By definition!

Exclusive (Adjective)

2.1 (of a commodity) not obtainable elsewhere.

Oxford dictionary

There’s only one instance I’ve seen so far where it has actually been done properly, which is the 25cm black bobble head Boba Fett which is for sale at the entertainer. They advertise it as being at the Entertainer as a UK exclusive, and the sticker just says special edition. If a pop is exclusive to different places in different countries they should mention it and use that sticker rather than the company sticker.

Their limited editions are no longer limited

I quite like the idea of limited edition items, and have a couple of art prints from various artists which are limited editions, and is also why I like to have items signed, it makes them slightly more unique. A company who do this very well are Kid Robot, for example just a few days ago they sold 2 20″ dunny designs each limited to just 10 world wide… Now that’s limited edition!

I know that there are some pops which have limited edition stickers on them, although I’ve never seen one, but in photos they are limited to around 2,000 or so. On a global scale with the kind of production runs which pops usually see, 2,000 is still fairly limited. However with many of the chase editions (essentially limited edition variants of standard pops) or exclusives, with some of them bearing the stickers special edition, run in to the 8,000 to 10,000 mark.

Not really what I’d call limited, would you?

The funko store doesn’t sell outside the USA

In this day and age I just don’t get this one. Why is it that the Funko online shop only sells to the USA. There are so many products on there which I would love to order, especially at those prices, and we just never get a chance to. I know that SOMETIMES the funko shop exclusives make their way to the official Funko Europe distributor, EMP – presumably that’ll be the ones which don’t sell out in the States?

Surely, good for business would be to send them out to other countries too, and if you charge for postage, what difference does it really make? So many American companies send their products to the UK, yet Funko seems to be stuck in the States… You have such a huge audience around the rest of the world!

By the time we get our hands on them, these items just shoot up in price. Take the 10″ Count Chocula for example, $30 of the Funko shop. For us to get him in the UK via ebay anywhere from £40 to £60 plus postage. The cheapest I found him, shipped to the UK was £60 which is close to $80!

This one really just annoys me as it just makes no sense to me!

Now remember, I absolutely love Funko Pops and a few other Funko products. I have a lot of respect for the company who has taken a great product and absolutely smashed both the toy and collectors market with their range. Most companies dominate one or the other – it’s rare to have a product which is both good enough and priced correct to allow it to appeal to both collectors and people who will actually take these toys out and play with them.

What do you think? Am I over reacting or are there other things which you don’t like about Funko and in particular their pops? Do you hate everything about the company and product?