Funko Dorbz Proto Man

Everyone who has been reading this page for a while or knows me, will know that I’m big on Funko pops, and in general a big fan of what Funko, as a company produce. I even started collecting the pint sized heroes a little while ago, however Dorbz… Well Dorbz never really appealed to me.

I’ve seen photos of Dorbz, especially on the Funko app, and I’ve probably seen them from afar in shops, but never given them a proper chance – picked one up – and looked to see whether they should in fact be appreciated!

And I don’t think they should!

Character Background

Let me give you some background on this particular character first though, just to show that I’m not just jumping to conclusions quickly! I don’t general collect either Dorbz or Megaman items, however I did used to play Megaman and I managed to pick up this figure in B&M Homestores for just £2.50. At that price he was worth getting to look at it closer and let me write about it.

It’s been a long time since I played Megaman – we’re talking game boy… Specifically old school, big grey game boy with no colour or anything else, so I actually can’t remember Proto Man, or whether he was even around in those days. It turns out, he wasn’t! I had played Megaman (I think – although which ever way it was on the game boy)and he was first introduced as an early prototype of Megaman in Megaman 3 on the NES – man I loved that console too!

He is considered somewhat of an anti-hero, sometimes a rival and other times an ally of Megaman, and in many ways considered to be like his brother. As such the fact that he is a bit like a bad boy Megaman, he’s always been a popular character appearing in various media in 2 different styles. The style which this Dorbz is based on is the original red armour suit, whilst the manga version is dressed in a trench coat instead.

This Figure

This was the very first Dorbz I purchased, and will likely be my last to be honest.

As I mentioned I love Funko, and in particular their pop range of figures. In many ways you can tell that this figure is made by the same company. The figure feels the same, and has a good weight to it, with accurate and vibrant paint work. The box is also of an equally high standard, with the plastic insert being very similar in design to the pop box interior.

All of these show that Funko really are at the top of their game when it comes to taking popular culture, turning it in to a high quality, long lasting product, displayed in a way which is appealing to collectors and then raking in the rewards.

One thing I actually do really like about the Dorbz is the box, and the fact that it has a window both at the front and the back, allowing you to see 360 degrees around the figure without ever having to take it out of the box.

Speaking of taking them out, one thing I didn’t get is why the box is taped at the top, but left open at the bottom! Surely you do one or the other… open or taped… not both on one box!

The reason why I don’t like these figures as a whole (even though they are such a high quality), is that I just don’t like the way the characters are stylised for the Dorbz range. The pops are stylised with a weird huge square type head but keep a lot of detail, including lots of textures… You don’t get that with Dorbz. Instead you get a very smooth (almost flat) product with a round head and egg shaped body. Essentially they’re big pint sized heroes, with the only difference being that because the actual pint sized are so tiny it’s less important that they lack texture due to the constrictions of such a small product.

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